At last

Yes! this is it!  I really never thought I will be doing this, this whole thing of making a blog. I was trying to ask myself if I am just doing this to be cool and all… Honestly, I really don’t know, yet I know that I could at least try this and have my feelings expressed. on my achievements, my struggles and my journey. 

Why Argonaut?

I chose argonaut to be my name because of two reasons;

1.  I read a lot of greek myths. I may have forgotten the whole thing about Jason and the argonauts but this name really stuck into my mind.  Argo being the ship and Argonaut the people of the ship and traveled to get the golden fleece but everything was not easy.

2.  My vocabulary tells me that argonauts are voyagers, who are willing to face challenges and get what they want whatever it takes. I guess that’s me.