Me, Janice and Bob
Me, Janice and Bob

I personally love going out; going into places where I’ve really never been.  Last year, I was sent to Colorado for training.  It was really a delightful experience because of the fact that I might be able to enjoy the place.  The moment we arrived there, I fell in love with the place. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  It was winter at that time and I could only see everything in white… but still, it was neat to see. 

One of our clients invited us to go for a hike, without a second thought, though undetermined of what we are facing, we agreed… We had some side trips at first, viewing a ski resort named Eldora, Boulder falls and the Nederland Reservoir.  All of those were truly amazing. 

The last stop after our lunch is the hike itself.  It was fun at first.  We could really see everything now in green and white.  The trail was kind on its first few decametres but as we progress, slopes were getting higher, not to mention how snowy the place is. After a couple of tries, we decided to cancel the trek because it’s really getting dangerous for us. Our client said that we just have to try when the snow are gone and all. Better luck next time.

We had decided to go back. Our client did not break his promise.  The trails though steep are all doable and I could say that it’s not really hard after all. We’ve reached the summit and had some picture taking. It was pretty nice at the top and we could see the other mountain peaks there (it’s the famous Rocky Mountains) Then I thought, if they have place like this, I bet that there should also be if not of the same level a place like this in our country.  That’s the start of it.  This thought always played in my mind; seeing the beauty of my own land. 

When I went back to our country, I did not start that quick of going to a mountain or start travelling due to my schedule; however, when I was able to get a chance. It became an addiction.  Not too many place yet… but I’m getting there.


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