I love taking pictures. In fact I would always want to see myself in the picture doing all the contemplative pose or a pose with an attitude I should say.  Maybe I am vain, who always wants to see myself in perfect fit zooming the camera every other shot making sure that I look good at it and deleting the ones that I abhor.  Even every during my travels, I would always want to see myself and the view or the view and myself and I should always look or feel gwapo (stupidly gwapo). 

I started using a point of shoot camera; enjoying every bit of it in automatic mode. Point at an object, and then shoot it! Point at another object, and then again, shoot! Night mode if it’s dark and removing the flash if it’s too bright.  Setting up the timer if I want to be part of it and cropping the pictures If I want to omit a thing. That would just be it.


Everything changed when I entered an outdoor group. I’ve realized that it’s also fun to take pictures of a simple object or stuff to be into life that could utter a thousand words or a scene that could tell a great story than taking pictures of me (freak!).  I’ve learned that there are a lot of things out there that needs to be discovered through the images that I’m taking.  Truly, it is fulfilling.

I bought an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera after a couple of months. I’ve been day dreaming of having it one day but still asking myself if I need it; If I want it or If it will make me happy. I might not need it, but I could. Yes! I want it and it will definitely make me happy! So be it! I

That’s the start of it… on how photography became an addiction.

Check out few of my works!

Bubbly Balls


Pagsanajan Falls



    1. Thank you sir.

      have you check the montalban pictures?
      I think may roon kayong dramatic picture sa camera ko eh…

      check it out! c”,)

  1. amazing pictures. i agree argo, i think u are vain hahaha. i thought ako na ung pnakamahilig magpose sa camera pucha mas malala k pla! hahaha. nwei, i enjoyed ur company. ❤

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