I owe it a lot to the outdoor group I’m acquainted with on why I became addicted to running. Last January 2009, there was an invitation coming from one of our mates; asking all of us if we want to attend a fun run name HAPPY RUN. I am indeed interested, but not determined in joining that event. I ignored what’s written in the forum… I don’t know why, I just I’m not really that eager, days had past and it seems that many of my outdoor friends had registered. So I ask Glen if there will still be some slots. He said he will try but informed us later that the registration has just closed due to the busloads of participants registered. I felt disappointed, thinking that it might not work for me, but then the outdoor group was pushing us to run despite of not being registered; to be a bandit or what we call “colorum” in our own term. I am totally undecided. Hours had past and still undecided. I tried texting again Glen on how to get there because I really have no idea how to get to THE FORT (so silly!) What he only replied then was go ride a taxi and tell the driver to drop me to THE TENT. Hours had past and I said to myself that I’ll go. I
Whoah! I was able to get there on time. I was even so afraid that they’ll pick me up and throw me out of the starting booth at that time for being a bandit; never thought that it really won’t happen.
Bang! The race has just started, run, walk, run walk with a friend who is a certified mountain-climb-addict. Lots of stories came up while running until we realized were done after 42minutes. I was so happy finishing the race and even thought I’m fast (haha!). After the vent, I immediately went home for some appointment but I texted Glen that I’ll be joining the next race! I never really thought that it will be the start of my addiction. Takbong May Yabang, Power Run, Botak Paabilisan, Takbo para sa Kalikasan. I was present on those events. I really never even thought that I’ll be running for 21K in Condura Run and had a PR of 2:37. I was so proud of myself. Finishing a race was so fulfilling. It was like some sort of personal achievement. Got injured at that time and bring me to my senses that maybe I should start studying the art and science of running. Reading blogs, and asking thoughts of those who are experienced. Listening to neophytes could also give you such ideas.
That’s the start of it. Now, I’m really addicted to running. Doing 10Km runs 3-4 times a week makes me strong and healthy. I just hope that there’s no turning back…


My Outdoor Group who run in Takbo Para sa Kalikasan

Glen (This is his fault why I became an addict) Me, Pat (Ultra addict) and Ren (Not so Addict)

Finishing Botak 21K


At Mens health Miracle Run


At the Air Speed (My Worst PR due to Injury)


At the Southern Race, ATC Fun Run (Best PR to date after the recovery)

The Group I also owe a lot for motivating me to improve my running skills. (



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