I have been looking for a really nice running place in Bacoor Area. I tried running previously at the main road from our house SM-Molino and going back (10Km) but I feel that doing it most of the time will not do good to me due to the road is getting crowded as time runs, not to mention the carbon monoxide that is entering into my nostrils is not good either. I tried looking for another route, but still getting the same level of risk. I was able to check the Daang-Hari Road which is also a good running spot but I still consider it far because you would need to run at least 5Km before reaching the place. I could commute going there or again, enjoy the carcinogenic gas from the PUVs.
I’ve ask people in our area. Luckily a neighbour told me that there is one not far from our house and just 2Km away. The name of the place is Heavenly Peace Memorial Garden. Oh yes! It is a cemetery. I thought at first running there would really be freaky; however, our neighbour told me that this place is perfect because it’s peaceful and there are already a number of joggers in that area. So I tried running there and I Liked it. Now it became my official running place. Alas!

See the pictures to appreciate.


Just 2 Km away from our place, very easy and accessible.


Start of the loop


The View


Posing and touring the readers about on the place 


Another view
Another view of this loop… very chillaxing…


After the run… Whoah! Tiring…


4 thoughts on “MY RUNNING PLACE

  1. nice to hear that someone from bacoor has a passion for running… me too since came back from Qatar i used to busy by biking and running and playing badminton… hope to see you sometime and run together.

    please contact me at 09186548909 or 09267221956


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