Arriving early at the TNF Site is really a bitter-sweet moment because we are sure that we will not be late but no accommodation was given to us because it is expected we need to provide our own comfort. We have no choice but to sleep where we think it would be okay; and so be it. Bongyu and I decided to sleep on the sidewalk. Thank goodness there is a bubble wrap nearby that we could use as our mat. Another thing that bothers me is when we get up; I was not able to find a dressing area. I owe it a lot to Runshiny for lending me her “malong” so I was able to change my clothes. I just went away from there and to a place where there is so little light and where no one could see me changing. I saw people coming one by one and people who we know. It’s really nice to see familiar faces on the race. It could give you comfort and you could assure yourself that you could have fun.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and so the race began… All the 20Km runners headed towards the road. It was easy at first until the trail narrowed; then passing through flowing water that was a bit annoying because it could enter into my shoes. I hate that as we went farther, the amount of flowing water increases… then we ran on road of sand which was also difficult because the sand could splatter and could enter again into my shoes. We ran and ran until we reach what is unavoidable, we really need to pass that river like body of water, the part that I thought I will hate most because it had terrible made myself wet and this makes things even worse when we need to do a little rappelling (not really high though) and start to hike going up and on the hill. The law of physics states that when you go up, you need to go down and that is what happened, we need to go down the hills and it’s really difficult. You need to be careful and at the same time fast. I did it in a free running in this part, let gravity push me and I will do the manoeuvring until we go back on that river thing and go back again on the sand.

Yes. I did not look at the map before I raced, so my expectation is that the last leg would be easy… I was wrong. After the water and sand comes the mud. A muddy trail and that’s worst. Mud that sank in to my shoes (I was using my road shoes which is not a good idea). I have no other choice anyway but to continue. Good thing there is Christian (PUGA NI NANA) on the road to accompany me. After the muddy trail was the long concrete bridge. Very hot. Christian and I just decided to jog all the way the other end until they told us that were now on the last kilometre and until we end up to the finish line.

The race was truly eventful. It has given me the challenges that I really didn’t expect. I enjoyed the fact that the race is hard and should be memorable to all those people who joined. I will never forget this experience. Who know, I might be able to attempt my first 100 Km trail run.

Kudos to TNF, Kudos to me.

The man who dared

Start of the trail

Bongyu on the road

Sun rising… and so with temperature…

The trail getting muddy

And sometimes sandy…

The place is so wide…

Hate this part….

Water getting higher… Even the socks are all wet…

A view from the top…

Ian from the top (puga ni nana)

Remembering Montalban


Another view

Last action!

The 20K finisher


16 thoughts on “THE NORTH FACE 100

  1. it was nice running the trails with you. i think we ran for about 50% of the entire course together up to the finish line. thanks for the encouragement when i almost quit because of cramps when we were still at the 5k mark.

  2. Waaaaaah! Kainggit!!!

    Nice pics!

    Sana hindi mo na nilagyan ng label ‘yung Finish line pic mo… para kunwari 100k ‘yung tinapos mo… wehehehe!

    See you next Sunday sa IE8/Earth Run! 🙂

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