“What are my priorities? Is it running? Or maybe photography? Or How about travelling? It would really be fun!”
“Am I too focused on all these activities that I tend to forget my simple responsibilities? Like with my family and work? Or I really deserve this thing that is happening into my life?”
I think I’m in the crossroads and I need to focus on my priorities? My competence towards my daily job has just laid low. Was it because of the stuff that I’m doing? So many questions… Yet there could only be one answer.
I need a slap on my face to tell me something is going on wrong. I need to put myself back together. I need to plan what I want and what will I do. Before it’s too late…


  1. It’s really a matter of what you want right now Rodel. It’s fun to try all these things out, but there’s also the danger of spreading yourself out too thin. Know and identify what you really want, what really makes you happy. Like what you’re saying, once your work starts to suffer that’s should be taken as a warning sign already bro. Just set your priorities, and you should be fine. AM just a text or call away if you need help.



  2. Priorities, Rodel…

    That is what you must first resolve within you.

    Everything you do will depend on what your priorities are.

    As for me, FAMILY first. MY RELIGION comes second. RUNNING comes third. How I manage my time, is up to the better half who agrees with me.

  3. kinda on the same foot bro. slowly but surely, we’ll be able to sort things out. all we need is to know what we want to do, AND DECIDE to do it. 🙂 there will be some things that we might have to sacrifice at times, but in the end, it will get better eventually.

    praying would also help 🙂 ask for guidance 🙂 you yourself told us to ask the 4 questions dba?? 🙂

    yown 🙂 APIR!

  4. i’d say you’re in good company, man. very wise words here from your run-mates. i second everything that has already been said. also, carry on with the blogging. it’s one good thing i think that’s worthy of continuing. it makes you stop and see things, persons, events, life in a deeper way. most of us just miss out on the many cool things life has to offer simply because we fail to ‘see.’ and just like your post right here, it gives you perspective and makes you ask the the right questions. so padayon lang. 🙂 kudos also to the cool format.

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