The Argonaut in May 2008
The Argonaut in May 2008
Last year of March, I was given a chance to go to United States. It was really an overwhelming opportunity to me. Working there for three months would not be a heavy load because of the fun that I’ll be getting after work; however, I never thought that there will be a big consequence. I really didn’t notice it until one of my pants couldn’t fit on me. I gained extra 15-17 lbs just after a couple of weeks. I blame it to our lifestyle when I was there. After work, although I visit the gym frequently, thinking that I could beat gaining weight by working out, another frequent past time would be just watching TV and eating. There’s just the two of us in the condo and whenever I cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we always make sure that we have given justice on the food that I prepared. Pasta, Chicken, Rice, Hotdog, Loaves of sandwiches, Cakes, French Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk Shakes, Steaks and Hamburgers and French Fries… All of them were eaten without hesitations. It was really enjoying though (Milk Shakes, They’re really the best!)

After three months, I went back home with the extra pounds with me. Oh yes, I’m 182 lbs and still trying to cheat myself that I’m only 180lbs (what would that extra two pounds would do?). My friends started to pick on on me and started calling me an elephant or tabachoy or anything related to being big. I was really laughing about that fact but deep inside I’m hurt. I was also having a hard time lacing my shoes because my bellies are being compressed. I told myself that i have to do something about it whatever it takes…

The Argonaut in May 2009 at 166 lbs
The Argonaut in May 2009

I went back to the gym after a week and started working out. Four times a week is what i believe would be good enough and having the right diet that I think is also hard. First week, I was able to find some progress and and so with the succeeding weeks until I found out that I’m just 5 lbs away from my old self of 165lbs.
I could definitely say that it was an achievement. I was able to reach that target in 6 weeks but I still believe that I need extra effort; still, it’s not going to be easy, yet, I am so willful that I could do it.

At present, I’m still giving my best shot and still struggling to shred more pounds. I just try to think that the fat that I previously had, had just turned into muscles that why I’m still 166-170lbs. Now that I’m trying a new sport, which is running I bet that I will be achieving the goal that I expect. There has just too many success stories that I saw and I would also like to be one.


27 thoughts on “AN ATTEMPT TO FITNESS

  1. WOW! for just a year! I envy your discipline and determination. I hope I can do the same. I might start with the two I mentioned hehehe. I’d keep looking at your pics for inspiration (naks!) Keep it up!

  2. Wow inspiring naman yan!!!! I didn’t notice that u did gain weight nung pumunta ka sa Colorado pero now I see the difference!!! U look great as always and yeah I’m suffering with the same issue 240lbs to be precise but I got you and Takbo.Ph behind my back!! Keep up the awsome work!

  3. wow! really inspiring. that’s one reason why i’m doing serious running. since i’ve started last 2 March, i’m getting addicted with it and setting sights to longer races. weight loss should follow 🙂

  4. Grabe kakagulat, ikaw pala yan? That was a great dedication Bro Argow. Do you have tips naman ba to share with me how to get big (and tall na rin, perhaps)? hehehe…

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