Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast. – Shakespeare

Pahiyas Festival, A celebration held in Lucban, Quezon in gratitude to the Patron Saint of the Farmers St Isidro the Laborer.
Pahiyas Festival, A celebration held in Lucban, Quezon in gratitude to the Patron Saint of the Farmers St Isidro the Laborer.

May 15, locals of Lucban,Quezon will be busy preparing for the vibrant feast of San Isidro Labrador called Pahiyas Festival A thanks-giving for a abundant harvest of the year. One will definitely enjoy the splendid exhibit of rice, fruits, and vegetables and handicrafts in every abode in the town.


Various games, Stores of different foods clothes and handicraft are what you can perceive. There are parades of giant Paper dolls, decorated jeeps and tricycles in Nipa. Men in barong and women in saya made of colorful wafers and native stuff like coconut leaves and husks. The parade also includes the lyre band to indeed have a jovial ambiance.


Where to stay? There’s definitely places where you could stay as transient but this needs to be booked earlier. The crowd could even get worse even before the d-day so better do it quick. You can also do a day trip if you like but beware of the 4 to 5 hour travel back and forth to Manila.



Where and what to eat? If you’re friendly and have all the guts enough to eat at different houses, you can definitely try that; however, if you’re a little bit timid, you can dine at any fast foods or perhaps you may try “BUDDYS” a restaurant that serves native lucban cuisine. You can also try the street foods and enjoy their famous kiping, pancit habhab and lucban longganisa. Side trips that you may consider



That is their famous grotto that everyone call Kamay ni Hesus (The Hand of Christ) where you need to climb more than 500 stairs to get to the top to see the giant icon of Christ. Mt Banahaw and Cristobal are also near to the place if you want to do serious hiking.



Pasalubong? Souvenir shops are everywhere, from shirts to wallet to fan that are made in handicraft. They are everywhere! Even famous delicacies like espasol, broas, otap… it’s abundant! Best Native Word? Kiping – a leaf shape wafer that’s made up of rice paste that solidified. This is usually used in decoration of the houses for the festival. You’ll definitely get tired after all of this, yet the fun that you had and a good sleep would be the best reward after.

Check out the Pahiyas Photos here and here


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