“Tee, Shaft and Blade are the parts of the oar.  Easy, Ready, Oars Up and Row are the basics.”

As what Kenneth said, it is not rowing but paddling
As what Kenneth said, it is not rowing but paddling


It was early Sunday morning when I need to get up very early from the bed to prepare for something.  Gab (DirtySanchez) invited some of the peeps to try this dragon boat rowing.  Without hesitation, I immediately signed up for it because I know it would be interesting.  I always dreamt of being a dragon boat rower.

Argonaut and Vicky (The muse!)
Argonaut and Vicky (The muse!)

Arriving at the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) with Gab and his friends, we noticed that Doc Topher and Pojie were already there.  Edu was texting me before he arrived in the location.  Then we placed our stuff at Doc Topher’s car and had some drills afterwards. Just a little bit of stretching but not that much though, this is just the same as running that you would need to warm up. Vicky arrived before we start going to the boat. Gab introduced as with the few of the group and then we started.


We had a little sitting arrangement.  We, the neophytes, sat at the back and had a bit of seminar with Kenneth (can’t recall his position but he was the guy at the back of the boat). He started lecturing about Paddling 101. He first mentioned that it shouldn’t be rowers as what we commonly used as a term but he pointed out that it should be paddlers; told us on the parts of the oar and then tackled us the basics.  Easy, Ready Oars Up and Row as what he discussed. He also showed us the correct position in paddling and then we had some hands-on.


DocT, Poj, Edu Vicky and Gab (Promoter) are the people who joined me in my first paddle.
DocT, Poj, Edu Vicky and Gab (Promoter) are the people who joined me in my first paddle.

I enjoyed this sport a lot (for now probably). It’s like being a real argonaut just like in greek mythology but I should say that it was tiring.  I would need to have a strong shoulder for this kind of sport as well as a pair of good arms and a stable back.  A good coordination and team work would also be helpful for you need to follow the group. There is also a so called pace on how fast you’ll going to be just like with running.I would say a good sleep is also vital because this is usually done in the morning to avoid the fury of the sun-king. I’m sure no one would ever want to have a burnt skin after. 


Since, I’m just again a neophyte in this sport, I bet I still have a lot of stuff to learn, and I’m very eager to do it again… Perhaps, one at a time… 

Dragon Boat paddlers.
Dragon Boat paddlers.


More pics at:

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (Coron,Palawan Escapade)

Music kept playing in my ears as we had some island hoping… It may not be the exact definition of the song What a
Wonderful World but the place defines it all! It’s a wonderful world!

Banol Beach

Manila Bay Sunset Going to Coron

My outdoor group arranged this event. We travelled via Superferry while other to go via plane. I never tried being on a ship before that’s why I tried it out. I guess riding on a plane is way a lot better that on a ship becuase of the time that you can save on a plane. It’s still an experience though!

Argonaut Upon Arrival

Header: Coron

Coron is really such a small island. Their mode of transportation are the tricycles. I may not able to have a tour of the whole island but I’m pretty sure its neat.


Our group rented a boat and started island hoping. We went on different diving spots and snorkled. I was amazed to see the ship wreck underneath but I guess it would have been more underneath and inside that ship wreck. To bad I waa s not able to take a picture of it. Only my vivid memory could describe it.

My Outdoor Friends!

Kayangan Lake

Argonaut at Kayangan Lake

We also had a little hiking in going to Kayangan Lake. It was tiring for you need to go up and then go down just to see it; but your effort will surely would not go invain because of the awesome view you will see. the water is so clear you could see your reflection. Variety of fish are there (even Nemo is present!).

The Twin Lagoon

See how clear the water is…

Twin Lagoon and Siete Picados are pretty as well. I definitely hate myself for not learning how to swim because It would have been more exciting if you can go underneath. White Sand Beaches are also captivating, very realxing indeed; however, it will always have to come with a price. A fee of 100Php/island/person to maintain the area as what they would always say. I have no questions with that
though. If it would be for the benefit of the place, then let it be.

Just want to try some effects…

Exercising early in the morning in Coron is also a good thing to do. There is small mountain there named Tapyas. The place is very visible from the low land because there is a giant cross at the top it. You would also need not to worry about the trail because they have already made stairs for the benefit of those who are not that for a hike. Be careful because it steep and still exhausting!

Hot springs? It’s there. The charge is 100Php/person if you want to enjoy the not-so-boiling water to penetrate in your skin. Another relaxing place but you should do it at night I guess. Imagine how hot it would be if you do it when the sun-king is there.


Overall. Coron for me is a destination that i could say a paradise…. Again, It’s a wonderful world.

Until Next Trip Guys!


The funniest race I’ve ever attended! I can’t imagine! Thanks to my SLR for ending up 8th to the last!


Saturday night and I’m still in the office, still busy at work. 10PM and I’m out from work. I decided to stay because Bongz arrange a van for all us that will leave at 3:30AM from Jupiter Ave in Makati. I slept at 11PM in a not-so-comfortable-position for I just slept in my desk (Imagine my running addiction now.).

Early Morning picture of

Woke up at 2AM and fixed myself and left from the office at 2:45AM and arrive at the rendezvouz at 3AM. Met Vicky and Doct T, Then one by one came until all of us were present. In the van were Bongz, RJ, Chelly, Ellen, Raff, Rochelle, Julie, Dennis Carina and Me. Some of had a li’l breakfast and decided to leave afterwards.

DSC_2659 in peeps at the start

In the venue, we met again our friends. Had our second addiction which is picture-taking and decided to go the the starting position. Rochelle uttered that she will be bringing her SLR camera while Edu said he won’t. I was hesistant at first of bringing my SLR because I know that it would be one hell of a race If I did but I decided to bring it in the end for due to envy on Rochelle’s camera.

15K runners before the gunshot

a blurry start as I try to adjust my camera settings.

Gunshot! 15K runners started.Bongz, Ellen, Raff and Me were at the same pace until i started clicking my camera. Bongz said that will gallop away while Ellen and Raff did not leave me behind. The three of us were all in the same pace. We will be aiming for PR… Picture-Race as what Carina has mentioned.

Thank you Ellen and Raff for giving justice to my camera

Due to our unreasonable pace, we started meeting 10K runner of Met Wilnar first in an intersection of 1.5K and 3.5K (We are the one at the 1.5K mark of course.) Then we met Vicky, Monk, RunnerMhel, Carly, Vic, Jinoe and Quennie. I was able to take a couple of picture of them before they gave us some dust to eat.

Argonaut, Mr and Mrs Gavan and Raff; thanks ellen for the picture

DSC_2810 Picture-Race (PR)

Pepsi met us on the road Carina(Flyingboar), Neil(Crashnburn), Rachel(eichbar) Topher(DocTapiok) followed, The latter four decided to stick with us and had indeed what we call picture-taking pace. Had a shot in the golf cab, and in a couple of landmarks. The organizers can’t help it but to give us a hell of laughter.


And Another

And Another

And Another!!!!!

It was really wacky for we really no longer think of distance anymore. The four cheered on us because it seems that Ellen, Raff and I were already being left behind.

My Solo Picture at Km7. (A solo picture…)

Ellen, Carina and Raff

I decided to leave my camera on the 10K mark so as not to give myself a burden anymore. The last 5K was inevitable. I started to feel a blister in my right foot. I told Ellen and Raff to go on but mentioned that we will all finish this together. 11K, 12K, Oops, we passed that guy over there! 13K, 14K 15K. Were done! That’s what I thought! I thought that the 15Km mark will be the finish mark but I was wrong. There was an extra 400m that almost took my breath away. Ouch! Anyway, we still managed to finish at 2:20.
DSC_2925 men

DSC_2922 women

After finishing, our friends were already capturing the moment. Hooooooooooooy! Don’t leave us behind! We’re still here!

The whole group, I guess…

It was indeed a remarkable experience for me and four our friends. TNF100 was still the best race for me but this one; its the funniest and the most memorable!

enjoy the pictures for the mean time at;

BOP TO THE TOP (The Pico de Loro Freedom Climb)

Foggy Summit made us all upset for not seeing the view...
The Foggy Summit of Pico de Loro

June 12, 2009. A number of members planned of climbing Pico de Loro. Without hesistation, I immediately signed-up for it because I knew that we are going to do it as a sign of our Patriotism to our country.  It was entitled freedom climb due to the fact that mountaineers will climb 40 mountains in the Philippines to raise the flag at peak. Pico de Loro in Maragundon Cavite was just one of the mountains.  It would be a noble act I suppose.  The group also started bearing a name which is RUNHikers; a group of people who have the same level of passion in running and climbing.

The Cast:

Cindy (The Drunken Lily)
Cindy (The Drunken Lily)
Pat (vVinceth)
Pat (vVinceth)
Gab (Dirty Sanchez)
Gab (Dirty Sanchez)

Argonaut: Pabida... In his Survivor Tshirt
Argonaut: Pabida… In Survivor Tshirt

It was rainy in the morning, yet God still gave us a nice weather when we started the climb.  Difficulties were always present due to the load that we carry and really got tough as we proceed.  Especially my load for I have brought an airbed with me. The reason of that insane act was because I have dreamt of what it would be like climbing up the mountain and sleeping at a comfort like as if you were at home. Had brought a blanket too and used my clothes as a pillow making myself as the vainest climber for that climb.

Campsite 1: Taken by Pepsi
Campsite 1: Taken by Pepsi

Of course, I would definitely have to pay the price of that comfort that I crave, and that’s, yeah! me carrying like a boulder  at my back for it waaaaas…. damn…. Heavy…. (Ugh! sigh…). Well, ummmh…. still happy with the outcome though!

Pepsi and Carina
Pepsi and Carina

Who said you can never had feisty meal outdoors? Well, what we had for snack in the campsite was my carbonara (thanks for those who help me out).  Dinner was Chicken Teriyaki (made by Cindy) and Pork Sinigang (By Gab). We just had a bit of difficulty in getting water from the water source because it was a little bit far from the campsite.

it still worth the effort though because of the dinner that made us all full.

The Social was also eventful. With a bunch of crazy people with me, it would be stupid not to have a great time. There were chips, and gin roaming around as we had our onversation.  Had again a couple of picture taking and even had a little bit of tutorial with Cindy in photography.There will also be a lot of thoughts in running and end up our conversation with it.

The Headlamp: My Composition
The Headlamp: My Composition

It was almost a perfect night having the air bed, the blanket and the pillow; except that there were mosquitoes on the loose that made my sleep a bit shallow. Too bad I forgot to bring a mosquito repellant lotion, yet crying over spilled milk would do me good,

So I at least tried to have a good night sleep.

It was another great morning to start with. Poj, Carina, Cele, Pepsi Dhenz and me decided to start our assault to the peak at 5Am while others decided to stay to prepare for breakfast.  It took us an hour to arrive at the summit.  It was foggy. We have tried waiting for an hour and praying to have a clear view of the summit; however, it was not granted to us.  It was funny that all of us forgot the thought of bringing a flag.

The Ladybug
The Ladybug

So we just had again a couple of picture taking with our freedom climb shirts and a little bit of the view. Tried also doing macro shots with the insects that were trying to cling to us and sang Pilipinas kong Mahal as we go down and a couple of songs too… (LOL)

We also met a more mountaineers going down and inviting us to go up once again for the flag raising; however, we already declined due to our time constraints.  Upon arriving at the campsite, we immediately had breakfast and started to break camp after.  Had our final picture taking and went down.

Our purpose in going up to the summit might have been defeated, for we were not able to had a clear view of the summit and did not even raise a flag; but we could always go back and fulfill what we had missed and once again, to bop to the top!


Enjoy the pictures!

Pepsi Poj and Carina while preparing stuff
Pepsi Poj and Carina while preparing stuff


A little bit naked part of the mountain
A little bit naked part of the mountain


Wonder who's on the left side sleeping? LOL!
Wonder who's on the left side sleeping? LOL!


Pepsi, the bandit freedom climber... LOL
Pepsi, the bandit freedom climber... LOL

Complete Cast!
Complete Cast!











More Pictures at:



I’ve been running for five months now and trying to reckon the races that I’ve joined.  It was glad to know that I’ve already attended 12 Fun Runs.  Below is the list of the races that I attended:

Happy Run – My first race. The Fort, 5Km. I ran as a bandit which I termed colorum.  I really don’t want to attend on this one because the bandit thought would not be fun but still decided to.  Things were never the same again after joining my first 5K with a devastating PR of 42:00 because it made me hook up to running.


yabangTakbong may Yabang – UP, 8.8 Km. Without hesitation, thinking that 5Km is chicken, I moved up to another level of fun run. Never realizing that this is still tough for me. For no reason, our names were never registered in the race results or we could be the possible last runners to finish at probably 1:20:00

powerPower Run – MOA, 10Km.  It would really be another test for me. I know that I can do it! This is the race where in we got late but still the best PR to date for my 10K. Organizers might not did their task properly though.


DSC-2744Botak Paabilisan Road Race Series – The Fort, 10Km – Finished at 1:15 on this doesn’t bother me, yet I sure did have a great time! One of the most organized races for me.


kalikasanTakbo para sa Kalikasan – Manila, 10Km.  – Tried to invite my friends and luckily joined me.  The four of them all tried the 5K while I tried the 10K.  Finishing  at 1:17 means that something has just turned out wrong.  Its official race results were never released though!


condura-run-2009Condura Run for the Whale Sharks – The Fort, 21K.  Though afraid of this event because it will be my first half marathon that I’ll be joining, I courageously finished the race at 2:37:00.  Still happy with the results after I almost crawl to the finish line.  This is a nice route I should say because passing through the Sky Way is chance of a lifetime experience.


mh-miracle-runMen’s Health Miracle Run – UP, 10Km – This is the first race where I faced a dilemma with hydration.  I never thought that this could happen on a race where in cups turned out to be unavailable. Terrible Shin Splints bite me at this event. Probably because I was still recovering from my 21Km run a week ago.


airspeedAir Speed – MOA, 10Km.  The worst PR I ever had. Finished the race at 1:19 and endured the painful Shin Splints that I still had.  I decided to attend two more sessions of leg therapy after this. Had also a taho party with the peeps after this event.


atc-southern-raceSouthern Race Alabang Town Center Fun Run – Alabang, 10Km – The race with my best PR at 1:08. It’s still slow for others but I am so proud of it.


the-north-face-100-raceTNF 100 – Sacobia Park, Clark Pampanga, 20Km. The farthest place I’ve attended just to run. Also, this is the best race I’ve attended and never thought that trail running would be even more fun. Finished at 2:47 and placed 95th out of 196 runners.


ie8runIE8 Run – The Fort, 8 miles.  Another first for me for it’s my first time to race under the rain.  It’s really worth trying to run under the rain but if I can avoid it, I don’t want to do it again.  Finished at 1:34:42.


mizunoMizuno Infinity Run – The Fort, 15 Km.  This was another terrible race for me because of the breakfast that I had. Lesson learned is never eat big meals prior to running or you’ll definitely have to pay for the consequence. Eating “Longsilog for breakfast might be enjoying, but not if you’re running after.


Whoow! I want more!


Were you thinking of a place where you could see nature at its best? A place where you could just sit back and relax but at the same time have a thrill and excitement of as if you are in an amusement park? You think this is impossible eh? You are so busy at work and you feel like you just want to sit in your couch and spend your day watching the television? Come’ on! Go out and at least enjoy the sunshine! I know a place that will at least make your muscle move.
Tadaa! Presenting the Pagsanjan Falls!
Tadaa! Presenting the Pagsanjan Falls!

 Caavinti Laguna where Pagsanjan Falls is located is just another two-hour trip from Manila. Going here by means of public transportation isn’t much of a hassle because there lots of accessible buses anywhere in EDSA or in Taft Avenue. Having your own lift would also be much easier though.

The boat men an the passenger
The boat men an the passenger

When you arrive at Cavinti, you would need to register in any resort in the vicinity becuase they are the ones who are talking with the boatmen. It will be up to you though if you would want to take their package tour or just stick with your plan of just enjoying the river rafting going to the falls. you will be riding in a boat accompanied by two boatmen. Each boat could carry 2-3 passengers for a fee of 900 pesos.

The Lilies!
The Lilies!

The first sight that you will see would be the river. Noticeable are the lily pods that are all over the place and a bunch of resort with all Korean Phrases in it. This I think is already famous to the Koreans because a large percentage of tourist would be them (or some of them could have probably owned a resort).
Nearby houses are also visible along the river and so with the women doing laundry and kids taking a bath. You will also meeting vendors along the way and will offer you souvenir items or refreshements. (Notice how they do sales talk… Amazing!).

Foreigners are always present as always.
Foreigners are always present as always.

As the boat ride progresses, you will find out that the current is already against you and it becomes stronger as you proceed. Rocks will be along the way and you’ll experience boat bumps and until you sing the nursery song “Sit down, sit down, you’re rocking the boat!” You’ll get used to it though and will enjoy the whole ride! hee-huh!

Reaching the First water fall would be the boatmen’s break. There will be stalls if you feel the urge of hunger or you fell you want to buy another set of souvenirs (Witness Another Amazing Sales Talk!). This will be another moment of photoshoot. After the break, more thrilling experience will happen because the current is really getting stronger. More effort for the boatmen because they would need to go down the boat to the boat up while your in it! Don’t bother the spalsh of waterbecause avoiding it mean avoiding fun.

Last part would be the most remarkable as you will face the magnificent Pagsanjan Falls. Another fee will be deducted from your pocket because going there means taking away 90 Pesos from you (Yet I think this is worth trying!). Enjoy the mist of the falls, that as if your bathing under the rain. Once again it will bring back the child in you because it would be indeed a delightful experience. Want massage? Let the cataract do it for you!


The First Waterfall!
The First Waterfall!

You think you’re done with the fun eh? You’re still going back and that means duplicating the fun! Pagsanjan is a moment in you life that will never be taken away from you!

Pagsanjan Falls in the backgroud
Pagsanjan Falls in the backgroud


I was indeed full of expectation before the race starts. Though its not the longest distance that I’ve ran in a race, The 15Km would still be just as tough as the 21Km for me with th very little training that I’ve got last week due to the series of rainfall that occurred. We even thought that it will be a rainy day but we were all wrong! It did not rain for the Sun King eagerly manifested his bright sunshine.

The 15Km race started just on time at 5:30AM. It was really a blast for all of us! There were a number of peeps running and it was awesome to have all of them in the race. The running ninja who gave us a ride that day was thinking of a negative a split strategy. The Kenkoyrunner ran along with Red, Pojie and me during the first 3 Km of the race until the three of them left me due to my decceleration. I could feel my heavy stomach for I have eaten “Longsilog” an hour and a half before the race. I never thought it would be a totally bad idea. Lauren and Doc T, who I also ran with on the 5th and 6km mark eventually left me. The David B, who was with a Mizuno buddy all left me until it’s just me alone. Meeting Wilnar on the road was total frustration because he is already going back when I’m probably at the 6.5Km mark. Raff, Edu and Ellen were just a few a saw. Doc Roy, who eventually passed before me at between the 7-8Km mark.

I am a total whiner. I know most runner wouldn’t want that but I am! I need to express myself to release the stress that I am encountering at that time. “I hate this!” “I’m not gonna eat bigmeals again before I run” and “I don’t want to run more than 10Km” are few of the words I uttered.

At last! I’m on my last 5Km. Meeting Queenie (ChicksniManok) with her two friends were a relief. It like having again another company. At that point, I am already in a walk-run pace until Queenie’s friend named Z, bravely told me that I should not stop!. I’m not sure if it’s just my manly pride that made me move on or its her charm and motivation. I chose not to stop despite of having a pair of tired and lazy legs. Z and I had a little conversation as we ran over the Kalayaan Flyover until I told her that I really need to stop because I am already having a side stich.She momentarily stopped and asked me if I’m okay and if I need help. I gave her the signal that I’ll be alright and I would just catch up so she galloped away. I didn’t really let her out of my sight, whenever, she’s getting smaller in my view, I ran to catch up. I bump in with Rico (Sheerwill) on my last two Km. I told him that I want to finish it at 1:45 and he positively said that I could do it. I tried my best on my last Kilometer, but I think It’s already impossible. I was not able to meet my target but was able to finish at 1:50 and still seeing Z before the finish line.

Had a photo finish shot courtesy of Doc Mavin (Nuttybunny4). After that I joined my brother Robinson who finished his first 10K at 1:06 and the other peeps! Had sets of class pictures and had sets of class pictures, and again had sets of class pictures. I even still got the enrgy to have a jump shot!

It was really a day for me! I had a lot of great expectations that I was not able to meet; however, I’m still thankful that I finished this race. Thanks to Z for she pushed me to my limits or else I would really had messed up my first 15Km run.

See yah! 1:10:10. This train harder and strive even more on ths next Mizuno Infinity Run. Another Great Expectation!


The Argonaut at the Mizuno Infinity Run


Boys of


Girls of


My Brother’s first 10K at a PR of 1:06:00

here are the complete set of pictures of the said event.


Beauty and Madness (Anawangin Island Wandering)


Anawangin Island: A paradise in the heart of Luzon

I’ve always want to look for a perfect paradise near Manila; a place where I could spend one of my summer weekends. With the outdoor group I belong, the promising place where we’ve been through is exactly place that have been playing in my mind. Anawangin Island. Anawangin Island that is just a two or three hour drive from Manila is a perfect summer getaway. One will truly be amazed at this place for you will see an island with mountains (hills I should say), Pine trees (That as if your in another country), mangrove and beach and all at the same time.


My friend Rona hiking in Anawangin

You want to hike? Check! Hike in the hills of Anawangin to see a relaxing panoramic view of the island. It may really be short though but it will be really a good start for some mountaineers want to be.

Angels and Sunset

The sunset drama: The Charlie’s Angels…

You want to just play around and hangout? Anawangin will never put you to boredom because it’s shoreline and it’s mangrove is already a feast in your eyes. Wait till sun sets and be captivated by its beauty. It will surely be one of your most unforgettable dusks. Spending the night might be one of the toughest times in the Island because there’s almost nothing to do. You should be able to camp before the sun sets or else, you will end up seeing nothing because electricity is just not available just like when you’re hiking in the mountain. You should be all packed once you get there with tent, lamps, food, water, first aid kit and a cheap entertainment that you think would make your day. Building a bonfire shouldn’t also be done during the night in the campsite unless you want to start a fire. The best way I think to enjoy the night at Anawangin would be a little music and beer with your friends. Just don’t be drunk for it might spoil your next day.


Another Anawangin View

Amazing Place

Amazing Place called Anawangin


I am stunned by the beauty of this place


The Argonaut in Anawangin


The Sun Rise


Another sunset in green filter

Great Place

The Mangrove


The Playful Argonaut

Until now, whenever I meditate and try to have a peace of mind, I just think of Anawangin. I would always grab all the pictures that I have taken there and would continuously look at it… As if I’m there once again and be stunned over and over again at that magical paradise. Indeed that I’ve gone mad about its beauty.

My Multiply Link:


After the Race
The IE8 Fun Run

May 31, Sunday, Another race awaits… Right from the start, I knew it would be coming; I knew that this is going to be my first race under the rain. Some people may have wanted it because the sunlight would definitely not a problem. I did not buy it! Why? It is because I have this extremely ventilated shoe that’s not suitable for running under the rain; however, I have no choice and I’m not a will-not-run-because-of-some-unfortunate-events person. The veent has not yet started but my socks have already gone wet! Shocks! Ok, that’s fine… I need to deal with it… Damage has been done and there’s no use of crying. Haha!

The race has just started. It was a very nice start because I could still catch up with the other peeps. I knew that I’m not going to be like this until finish, I knew my capacity at present and I knew that I’ll be stopping at some point during the race… And it happened on my first 9 minutes before arriving at the flyover. Naah, never mind! I’m not going to have a PR in a race like this. I’m soaked! Although I enjoyed the fact that it’s not going to be a sunny day. I abhorred the reality that my shoes is now soaking wet; and now hearing the squishing sound of it as if my shoes are talking.

I chose to enjoy the race despite of this fact. I ran whenever I want and walked whenever I feel tired and it’s not the right thing to do. Stopped at one of the water stations and laughed at some because they were giving sodas as refreshments, chocolates and bananas to boost your energy and cheer leaders to cheer you up! Though it was a rainy day, it was still a delightful experience for me. I agree with the fact that it’s nice to run under the rain but you just got to have a nice pair of running shoes for it.

I immediately grabbed my camera to catch up with my friends and take some photos after finishing the race. I was able to finish the race strong at 1:34:42 (unofficial). This may not be one of my best but, Oh yes! I made it through the rain

Strong Finish with wet pair of socks!
Strong Finish with wet pair of socks!
Dax: My First Recruit in Running World
Dax: My First Recruit in Running World
My brother who joined the Earth Run hurriedly went to IE8
My brother who joined the Earth Run hurriedly went to IE8

On IE8:

  • Nice Singlet (tshirt)
  • The race proper was nice and started just fine
  • Hydration was very good but why coke?
  • Bananas and Chocolates were given along the race. Yumm!!!
  • Cheerleaders to cheer you up with their chant: Go! Go-Go! Go-Go-Go-Go-Go-Go! Go! (LOL)
  • I did not find my certificate!
  • Where’s my long awaited freebie!