After the Race
The IE8 Fun Run

May 31, Sunday, Another race awaits… Right from the start, I knew it would be coming; I knew that this is going to be my first race under the rain. Some people may have wanted it because the sunlight would definitely not a problem. I did not buy it! Why? It is because I have this extremely ventilated shoe that’s not suitable for running under the rain; however, I have no choice and I’m not a will-not-run-because-of-some-unfortunate-events person. The veent has not yet started but my socks have already gone wet! Shocks! Ok, that’s fine… I need to deal with it… Damage has been done and there’s no use of crying. Haha!

The race has just started. It was a very nice start because I could still catch up with the other takbo.ph peeps. I knew that I’m not going to be like this until finish, I knew my capacity at present and I knew that I’ll be stopping at some point during the race… And it happened on my first 9 minutes before arriving at the flyover. Naah, never mind! I’m not going to have a PR in a race like this. I’m soaked! Although I enjoyed the fact that it’s not going to be a sunny day. I abhorred the reality that my shoes is now soaking wet; and now hearing the squishing sound of it as if my shoes are talking.

I chose to enjoy the race despite of this fact. I ran whenever I want and walked whenever I feel tired and it’s not the right thing to do. Stopped at one of the water stations and laughed at some because they were giving sodas as refreshments, chocolates and bananas to boost your energy and cheer leaders to cheer you up! Though it was a rainy day, it was still a delightful experience for me. I agree with the fact that it’s nice to run under the rain but you just got to have a nice pair of running shoes for it.

I immediately grabbed my camera to catch up with my friends and take some photos after finishing the race. I was able to finish the race strong at 1:34:42 (unofficial). This may not be one of my best but, Oh yes! I made it through the rain

Strong Finish with wet pair of socks!
Strong Finish with wet pair of socks!
Dax: My First Recruit in Running World
Dax: My First Recruit in Running World
My brother who joined the Earth Run hurriedly went to IE8
My brother who joined the Earth Run hurriedly went to IE8

On IE8:

  • Nice Singlet (tshirt)
  • The race proper was nice and started just fine
  • Hydration was very good but why coke?
  • Bananas and Chocolates were given along the race. Yumm!!!
  • Cheerleaders to cheer you up with their chant: Go! Go-Go! Go-Go-Go-Go-Go-Go! Go! (LOL)
  • I did not find my certificate!
  • Where’s my long awaited freebie!


  1. Sodas at the waterstations? Haha! Naku, that would be too much temptation for me. Naiisip ko na nga nung race ay beer eh. Hehehe. 🙂 Congrats on a strong finish! And it’s good that you really enjoyed the run.

  2. Hi Rodel. Yo made the experience fun and that’s important. Also, nice photos of you, your brother and Dax.

    Hope it’s okay if I added your link to my blog. Please take care and keep on running. (Yes, I’ve been running for a little while but am enjoying every minute!)

  3. Ei Argo..Congrats..! You’re such a winner talaga….

    nice pic!! (buti di na naka display ang biceps..nakikita rin kasi yung hair sa kile kile pag naka taas ang kamay.. haha! joke!)

    Keep it up Mr. Achiever! Astig.. c”,)

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