Beauty and Madness (Anawangin Island Wandering)


Anawangin Island: A paradise in the heart of Luzon

I’ve always want to look for a perfect paradise near Manila; a place where I could spend one of my summer weekends. With the outdoor group I belong, the promising place where we’ve been through is exactly place that have been playing in my mind. Anawangin Island. Anawangin Island that is just a two or three hour drive from Manila is a perfect summer getaway. One will truly be amazed at this place for you will see an island with mountains (hills I should say), Pine trees (That as if your in another country), mangrove and beach and all at the same time.


My friend Rona hiking in Anawangin

You want to hike? Check! Hike in the hills of Anawangin to see a relaxing panoramic view of the island. It may really be short though but it will be really a good start for some mountaineers want to be.

Angels and Sunset

The sunset drama: The Charlie’s Angels…

You want to just play around and hangout? Anawangin will never put you to boredom because it’s shoreline and it’s mangrove is already a feast in your eyes. Wait till sun sets and be captivated by its beauty. It will surely be one of your most unforgettable dusks. Spending the night might be one of the toughest times in the Island because there’s almost nothing to do. You should be able to camp before the sun sets or else, you will end up seeing nothing because electricity is just not available just like when you’re hiking in the mountain. You should be all packed once you get there with tent, lamps, food, water, first aid kit and a cheap entertainment that you think would make your day. Building a bonfire shouldn’t also be done during the night in the campsite unless you want to start a fire. The best way I think to enjoy the night at Anawangin would be a little music and beer with your friends. Just don’t be drunk for it might spoil your next day.


Another Anawangin View

Amazing Place

Amazing Place called Anawangin


I am stunned by the beauty of this place


The Argonaut in Anawangin


The Sun Rise


Another sunset in green filter

Great Place

The Mangrove


The Playful Argonaut

Until now, whenever I meditate and try to have a peace of mind, I just think of Anawangin. I would always grab all the pictures that I have taken there and would continuously look at it… As if I’m there once again and be stunned over and over again at that magical paradise. Indeed that I’ve gone mad about its beauty.

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