I was indeed full of expectation before the race starts. Though its not the longest distance that I’ve ran in a race, The 15Km would still be just as tough as the 21Km for me with th very little training that I’ve got last week due to the series of rainfall that occurred. We even thought that it will be a rainy day but we were all wrong! It did not rain for the Sun King eagerly manifested his bright sunshine.

The 15Km race started just on time at 5:30AM. It was really a blast for all of us! There were a number of peeps running and it was awesome to have all of them in the race. The running ninja who gave us a ride that day was thinking of a negative a split strategy. The Kenkoyrunner ran along with Red, Pojie and me during the first 3 Km of the race until the three of them left me due to my decceleration. I could feel my heavy stomach for I have eaten “Longsilog” an hour and a half before the race. I never thought it would be a totally bad idea. Lauren and Doc T, who I also ran with on the 5th and 6km mark eventually left me. The David B, who was with a Mizuno buddy all left me until it’s just me alone. Meeting Wilnar on the road was total frustration because he is already going back when I’m probably at the 6.5Km mark. Raff, Edu and Ellen were just a few a saw. Doc Roy, who eventually passed before me at between the 7-8Km mark.

I am a total whiner. I know most runner wouldn’t want that but I am! I need to express myself to release the stress that I am encountering at that time. “I hate this!” “I’m not gonna eat bigmeals again before I run” and “I don’t want to run more than 10Km” are few of the words I uttered.

At last! I’m on my last 5Km. Meeting Queenie (ChicksniManok) with her two friends were a relief. It like having again another company. At that point, I am already in a walk-run pace until Queenie’s friend named Z, bravely told me that I should not stop!. I’m not sure if it’s just my manly pride that made me move on or its her charm and motivation. I chose not to stop despite of having a pair of tired and lazy legs. Z and I had a little conversation as we ran over the Kalayaan Flyover until I told her that I really need to stop because I am already having a side stich.She momentarily stopped and asked me if I’m okay and if I need help. I gave her the signal that I’ll be alright and I would just catch up so she galloped away. I didn’t really let her out of my sight, whenever, she’s getting smaller in my view, I ran to catch up. I bump in with Rico (Sheerwill) on my last two Km. I told him that I want to finish it at 1:45 and he positively said that I could do it. I tried my best on my last Kilometer, but I think It’s already impossible. I was not able to meet my target but was able to finish at 1:50 and still seeing Z before the finish line.

Had a photo finish shot courtesy of Doc Mavin (Nuttybunny4). After that I joined my brother Robinson who finished his first 10K at 1:06 and the other peeps! Had sets of class pictures and had sets of class pictures, and again had sets of class pictures. I even still got the enrgy to have a jump shot!

It was really a day for me! I had a lot of great expectations that I was not able to meet; however, I’m still thankful that I finished this race. Thanks to Z for she pushed me to my limits or else I would really had messed up my first 15Km run.

See yah! 1:10:10. This train harder and strive even more on ths next Mizuno Infinity Run. Another Great Expectation!


The Argonaut at the Mizuno Infinity Run


Boys of


Girls of


My Brother’s first 10K at a PR of 1:06:00

here are the complete set of pictures of the said event.


  1. Hi Rodel. Congratulations to you, your brother and the 10K PR and to on the Mizuno race. Great photos. Take care and have a good week ahead! – Wayne

  2. Rodel, my bad. I meant to say was congratulations to your brother and his PR in the 10K. Still, you did well despite very little training over the last week. Take care.

  3. Del, I was able to talk to your brother at the 10k corral. Nice kid 🙂 ALso, we all had very little training, so that may have been a factor also. Hope everyone had fun!


    1. Yeah Luis… but despite of that, you still manage to get an even better PR.. you are so amazing!
      My brother is now an addict runner… haha! waking me up in the morning to run!

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