I’ve been running for five months now and trying to reckon the races that I’ve joined.  It was glad to know that I’ve already attended 12 Fun Runs.  Below is the list of the races that I attended:

Happy Run – My first race. The Fort, 5Km. I ran as a bandit which I termed colorum.  I really don’t want to attend on this one because the bandit thought would not be fun but still decided to.  Things were never the same again after joining my first 5K with a devastating PR of 42:00 because it made me hook up to running.


yabangTakbong may Yabang – UP, 8.8 Km. Without hesitation, thinking that 5Km is chicken, I moved up to another level of fun run. Never realizing that this is still tough for me. For no reason, our names were never registered in the race results or we could be the possible last runners to finish at probably 1:20:00

powerPower Run – MOA, 10Km.  It would really be another test for me. I know that I can do it! This is the race where in we got late but still the best PR to date for my 10K. Organizers might not did their task properly though.


DSC-2744Botak Paabilisan Road Race Series – The Fort, 10Km – Finished at 1:15 on this doesn’t bother me, yet I sure did have a great time! One of the most organized races for me.


kalikasanTakbo para sa Kalikasan – Manila, 10Km.  – Tried to invite my friends and luckily joined me.  The four of them all tried the 5K while I tried the 10K.  Finishing  at 1:17 means that something has just turned out wrong.  Its official race results were never released though!


condura-run-2009Condura Run for the Whale Sharks – The Fort, 21K.  Though afraid of this event because it will be my first half marathon that I’ll be joining, I courageously finished the race at 2:37:00.  Still happy with the results after I almost crawl to the finish line.  This is a nice route I should say because passing through the Sky Way is chance of a lifetime experience.


mh-miracle-runMen’s Health Miracle Run – UP, 10Km – This is the first race where I faced a dilemma with hydration.  I never thought that this could happen on a race where in cups turned out to be unavailable. Terrible Shin Splints bite me at this event. Probably because I was still recovering from my 21Km run a week ago.


airspeedAir Speed – MOA, 10Km.  The worst PR I ever had. Finished the race at 1:19 and endured the painful Shin Splints that I still had.  I decided to attend two more sessions of leg therapy after this. Had also a taho party with the takbo.ph peeps after this event.


atc-southern-raceSouthern Race Alabang Town Center Fun Run – Alabang, 10Km – The race with my best PR at 1:08. It’s still slow for others but I am so proud of it.


the-north-face-100-raceTNF 100 – Sacobia Park, Clark Pampanga, 20Km. The farthest place I’ve attended just to run. Also, this is the best race I’ve attended and never thought that trail running would be even more fun. Finished at 2:47 and placed 95th out of 196 runners.


ie8runIE8 Run – The Fort, 8 miles.  Another first for me for it’s my first time to race under the rain.  It’s really worth trying to run under the rain but if I can avoid it, I don’t want to do it again.  Finished at 1:34:42.


mizunoMizuno Infinity Run – The Fort, 15 Km.  This was another terrible race for me because of the breakfast that I had. Lesson learned is never eat big meals prior to running or you’ll definitely have to pay for the consequence. Eating “Longsilog for breakfast might be enjoying, but not if you’re running after.


Whoow! I want more!


17 thoughts on “I CAME, I SAW, I RACED

  1. Hahaha!
    Ayos talaga!
    Gusto ko ang part na bandido ka, “colurum” ayon sayo.
    Saya naman ng mga runs mo, i hope ako rin.
    Keep posting & RUNing..

  2. Ang masasabi ko lang – adik ka talaga kahit saan. Hahahaha.

    Congrats and sana makarami pa tayo ng takbo.


  3. Ei.. Argo.. Aiming for a new career? I will not be surprise if one day mabalitaan kong part ka na nag Philippine Team for Asean Games.. Keep it up.. Cheers!

    1. Yes Ria, Not to mention Slimmerrun pala where in pumunta lang ako para magpicture taking… hehehe! June has not ended yet and I think 2 races pa ang sasalihan ko… hehe!

  4. Sasali ba kayo sa GLOBE RUN FOR HOME? Is this the first time na mag held sila ng benefits run?

    I saw their ad and extended pa ang registration until tom July 14th!!

    Hope to see you guys there!


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