The funniest race I’ve ever attended! I can’t imagine! Thanks to my SLR for ending up 8th to the last!


Saturday night and I’m still in the office, still busy at work. 10PM and I’m out from work. I decided to stay because Bongz arrange a van for all us that will leave at 3:30AM from Jupiter Ave in Makati. I slept at 11PM in a not-so-comfortable-position for I just slept in my desk (Imagine my running addiction now.).

Early Morning picture of

Woke up at 2AM and fixed myself and left from the office at 2:45AM and arrive at the rendezvouz at 3AM. Met Vicky and Doct T, Then one by one came until all of us were present. In the van were Bongz, RJ, Chelly, Ellen, Raff, Rochelle, Julie, Dennis Carina and Me. Some of had a li’l breakfast and decided to leave afterwards.

DSC_2659 in peeps at the start

In the venue, we met again our friends. Had our second addiction which is picture-taking and decided to go the the starting position. Rochelle uttered that she will be bringing her SLR camera while Edu said he won’t. I was hesistant at first of bringing my SLR because I know that it would be one hell of a race If I did but I decided to bring it in the end for due to envy on Rochelle’s camera.

15K runners before the gunshot

a blurry start as I try to adjust my camera settings.

Gunshot! 15K runners started.Bongz, Ellen, Raff and Me were at the same pace until i started clicking my camera. Bongz said that will gallop away while Ellen and Raff did not leave me behind. The three of us were all in the same pace. We will be aiming for PR… Picture-Race as what Carina has mentioned.

Thank you Ellen and Raff for giving justice to my camera

Due to our unreasonable pace, we started meeting 10K runner of Met Wilnar first in an intersection of 1.5K and 3.5K (We are the one at the 1.5K mark of course.) Then we met Vicky, Monk, RunnerMhel, Carly, Vic, Jinoe and Quennie. I was able to take a couple of picture of them before they gave us some dust to eat.

Argonaut, Mr and Mrs Gavan and Raff; thanks ellen for the picture

DSC_2810 Picture-Race (PR)

Pepsi met us on the road Carina(Flyingboar), Neil(Crashnburn), Rachel(eichbar) Topher(DocTapiok) followed, The latter four decided to stick with us and had indeed what we call picture-taking pace. Had a shot in the golf cab, and in a couple of landmarks. The organizers can’t help it but to give us a hell of laughter.


And Another

And Another

And Another!!!!!

It was really wacky for we really no longer think of distance anymore. The four cheered on us because it seems that Ellen, Raff and I were already being left behind.

My Solo Picture at Km7. (A solo picture…)

Ellen, Carina and Raff

I decided to leave my camera on the 10K mark so as not to give myself a burden anymore. The last 5K was inevitable. I started to feel a blister in my right foot. I told Ellen and Raff to go on but mentioned that we will all finish this together. 11K, 12K, Oops, we passed that guy over there! 13K, 14K 15K. Were done! That’s what I thought! I thought that the 15Km mark will be the finish mark but I was wrong. There was an extra 400m that almost took my breath away. Ouch! Anyway, we still managed to finish at 2:20.
DSC_2925 men

DSC_2922 women

After finishing, our friends were already capturing the moment. Hooooooooooooy! Don’t leave us behind! We’re still here!

The whole group, I guess…

It was indeed a remarkable experience for me and four our friends. TNF100 was still the best race for me but this one; its the funniest and the most memorable!

enjoy the pictures for the mean time at;


9 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHS AND RUNNING MEMORIES (Men’s Health All Terrain Race)

  1. you can’t imagine? ohmaygawd!!!
    hahahha..hey, this pic was taken by me! πŸ™‚

    rodel, yeah, you’re right..this is the most kulet race ever..

  2. argo! ayan ha… first to comment.. Are you upset that you ranked 8th to the last? ako rin upset eh.. kasi I’m not the last on the list… gusto ko ako yung pinaka last kaso si ocho nakakuha ng place 😦

  3. Ey Argo nice layout man I like it! Hey, that’s alright if you finished 8th to the last, at least you got a heck of a lot of pictures from it right? Niiice πŸ™‚


  4. Rodel,

    Hahahaha! Enjoyed this picture trail run. You won’t even notice the distance we were running due to the pictures we took along the trail.

    Nice one again Rodel!


  5. rodel..ang saya..ngayon ko lang ulet nakita..the whole story behind the MH trail run..hahaha..o, di ba. galing ko na kumuha..dapat ata libre mo ko eh..dhil sken may mga pictures ka na..wehehe!

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