WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (Coron,Palawan Escapade)

Music kept playing in my ears as we had some island hoping… It may not be the exact definition of the song What a
Wonderful World but the place defines it all! It’s a wonderful world!

Banol Beach

Manila Bay Sunset Going to Coron

My outdoor group arranged this event. We travelled via Superferry while other to go via plane. I never tried being on a ship before that’s why I tried it out. I guess riding on a plane is way a lot better that on a ship becuase of the time that you can save on a plane. It’s still an experience though!

Argonaut Upon Arrival

Header: Coron

Coron is really such a small island. Their mode of transportation are the tricycles. I may not able to have a tour of the whole island but I’m pretty sure its neat.


Our group rented a boat and started island hoping. We went on different diving spots and snorkled. I was amazed to see the ship wreck underneath but I guess it would have been more underneath and inside that ship wreck. To bad I waa s not able to take a picture of it. Only my vivid memory could describe it.

My Outdoor Friends!

Kayangan Lake

Argonaut at Kayangan Lake

We also had a little hiking in going to Kayangan Lake. It was tiring for you need to go up and then go down just to see it; but your effort will surely would not go invain because of the awesome view you will see. the water is so clear you could see your reflection. Variety of fish are there (even Nemo is present!).

The Twin Lagoon

See how clear the water is…

Twin Lagoon and Siete Picados are pretty as well. I definitely hate myself for not learning how to swim because It would have been more exciting if you can go underneath. White Sand Beaches are also captivating, very realxing indeed; however, it will always have to come with a price. A fee of 100Php/island/person to maintain the area as what they would always say. I have no questions with that
though. If it would be for the benefit of the place, then let it be.

Just want to try some effects…

Exercising early in the morning in Coron is also a good thing to do. There is small mountain there named Tapyas. The place is very visible from the low land because there is a giant cross at the top it. You would also need not to worry about the trail because they have already made stairs for the benefit of those who are not that for a hike. Be careful because it steep and still exhausting!

Hot springs? It’s there. The charge is 100Php/person if you want to enjoy the not-so-boiling water to penetrate in your skin. Another relaxing place but you should do it at night I guess. Imagine how hot it would be if you do it when the sun-king is there.


Overall. Coron for me is a destination that i could say a paradise…. Again, It’s a wonderful world.

Until Next Trip Guys!


8 thoughts on “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (Coron,Palawan Escapade)

      1. package deal eh… pero once ma-release ang final price update kita.. hehehe.. target date ko probably will fall before our d2-kitanglad traverse climb, pero sa cdo & camiguin sidetrip na ako mag-join. fly ako cdo from palawan… ayus diba

  1. You are so right! Paradise talaga siya, based on your pictures. What more kung personally kong nakita di ba? I love your blog. Keep it up!!!!!

  2. Rodel , you never cease to amaze me how you could get to these exotic places on a seemingly weekly basis. You the man bro! Tremendous pictures, hay kainggit. Keep up the good work bro and keep on posting 🙂


  3. GALING!
    as usual great pix bro.
    Inggit ako aahhhh..
    Ilagay ko na yan sa next destination ko.
    Roughly magkano dapat ang budget per head (baka makapunta rin, baka lang.. hehehe..)?

    Keep traveling..
    Ronda pinas!

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