“Tee, Shaft and Blade are the parts of the oar.  Easy, Ready, Oars Up and Row are the basics.”

As what Kenneth said, it is not rowing but paddling
As what Kenneth said, it is not rowing but paddling


It was early Sunday morning when I need to get up very early from the bed to prepare for something.  Gab (DirtySanchez) invited some of the peeps to try this dragon boat rowing.  Without hesitation, I immediately signed up for it because I know it would be interesting.  I always dreamt of being a dragon boat rower.

Argonaut and Vicky (The muse!)
Argonaut and Vicky (The muse!)

Arriving at the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) with Gab and his friends, we noticed that Doc Topher and Pojie were already there.  Edu was texting me before he arrived in the location.  Then we placed our stuff at Doc Topher’s car and had some drills afterwards. Just a little bit of stretching but not that much though, this is just the same as running that you would need to warm up. Vicky arrived before we start going to the boat. Gab introduced as with the few of the group and then we started.


We had a little sitting arrangement.  We, the neophytes, sat at the back and had a bit of seminar with Kenneth (can’t recall his position but he was the guy at the back of the boat). He started lecturing about Paddling 101. He first mentioned that it shouldn’t be rowers as what we commonly used as a term but he pointed out that it should be paddlers; told us on the parts of the oar and then tackled us the basics.  Easy, Ready Oars Up and Row as what he discussed. He also showed us the correct position in paddling and then we had some hands-on.


DocT, Poj, Edu Vicky and Gab (Promoter) are the people who joined me in my first paddle.
DocT, Poj, Edu Vicky and Gab (Promoter) are the people who joined me in my first paddle.

I enjoyed this sport a lot (for now probably). It’s like being a real argonaut just like in greek mythology but I should say that it was tiring.  I would need to have a strong shoulder for this kind of sport as well as a pair of good arms and a stable back.  A good coordination and team work would also be helpful for you need to follow the group. There is also a so called pace on how fast you’ll going to be just like with running.I would say a good sleep is also vital because this is usually done in the morning to avoid the fury of the sun-king. I’m sure no one would ever want to have a burnt skin after. 


Since, I’m just again a neophyte in this sport, I bet I still have a lot of stuff to learn, and I’m very eager to do it again… Perhaps, one at a time… 

Dragon Boat paddlers.
Dragon Boat paddlers.


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6 thoughts on “ROW THE BOAT ARGONAUTS!

  1. join na lang kayo sa team namin. last week we finish 3rd. behind the Phil. Navy & Camsur. All are welcome mas marami mas masaya.

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