Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.

-Blaise Pascal Morning Support Group Morning Support Group



I am a self-proclaimed runner.  I join weekend races twice or thrice a month ever since I started and out of all the races that I’ve joined, to listen it really never came into my mind to be behind of a race. Hell I care! I just want to have a good exercise that’s why I want to run. I want to loose more baby fats because I feel that it doesn’t look good; however, when I started running I joined this running community named  A community that are blinded by the same passion which is running.  I gained frineds after.  We have this night runs and morning runs, trail runs, and long slow distance runs. May it be in the south or in the north, my presence is always or almost there. It  was fun  to run, especially when you’re running with friends.

Julie: Dudong, you still have a lot of stuff to do!
Julie: Dudong, you still have a lot of stuff to do!

So back to what I’m saying, I’ve never really thought of being behind the race.  No, not an organizer, nor a host but just a mere guy who gives aid to runners. Last June 28, and Reinier Pacific teamed-up to be a part of the Botak-Paabilisan aid station. It was an ultra marathon with 50km and 100Km category. Seeing my running friends plan, strategize and take action to this aid station amazed me.  I know that it’s not going to be fun because a responsibily was given to you. Well, I know that we volunteered for it but still, it’s a responsibility that you need to do. We all know that it’s not going to be easy but with your friends who are willing to help, what could possibly go wrong.

Looks like Armaggedon to me...
Looks like Armaggedon to me...

My participation on the aid station was not really that big; but what really hits me was the  determination of the whole group to help.  It’s really nice to know that there are people you could rely on. People who will help you to fight for what you believe.  People who don’t really ask for something in return but people who are just happy to return the favor to other people.


Kudos for such a job well done to my running friends, and Sir Amado Castro! I’m really proud to be a part of this running group!



  1. Hi Rodel. That was great what you and did for the running community and for the event. Though it was long hours, the rewards are greater in the long run. I’ve volunteered at races four times already this year. Like you, I don’t ask anything. The runners appreciate it because some will come up and tell you afterwards.

    Take care and have a good weekend!

    1. Wow! Wayne, 4 times this year and its still July… Honestly I really never pay attention to anyone of them… and suddenly realized tha being in the aid station is also a tough job espcially if there is a fast pace of people heading towards the booth… I haven’t experienced that though but now, that I’ve learned how it feels to be like one of them, I now admire them for their effort.

  2. Rodel, congrats for a job well done! Runners will really appreciate what you’re doing behind the scenes.

    Keep it up, bro!:-)

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