YOU BECOME WHAT YOU BELIEVE (My Thoughts this 33rd Milo Marathon)

You Become What You Believe
You Become What You Believe

“Good Morning” Is the start of the day! Do you ever believed that it’s actually you who usually choose your mood today? If you think you think your day would not be good, then, definitely, your whole day would not be very good at all; but if you choose to be energetic, then without a doubt, it will be an awesome day for you! It will always you who choose things and not the series of unfortunate events you are dealing with! This Sunday, I’ll be attending the 33rd Milo Marathon, Nope… I’m not running the full mary… Not yet but soon. Well, I just feel that this is still not the right time for me, but that will be one of my plans. I decided to join the half mary instead. This may not be my first time for I have joined Condura Run before last March and the TNF 100 last May. I finished on both races more than 2:30:00, so this Milo event on Sunday will be a challenge for me. I definitely have to be optimistic that I can do it! I sure do, because I become what I believe.

I am fast! I may not be as fast as the league of extraordinary runners that they called elites but I can be as fast as the others or a guy who is a coach potato; This time I’ll aim a target of 33:00 on my frist 5Km, 1:10:00 at the 2nd 5Km and 1:45 at the next 5km for me to finish and make it to the time I really want.

I am strong! I may struggle to lift a sack of rice or I may not be able to bench press my own weight but I know that I can finish the race strong! I know
that the tough may get going and the going may get tough but I will be ready to face it!

I am energetic!  I am alive and kicking! I am happy at all times!  Finishing the race doesn’t end there! I will still be with my friends who waiting for my camera (LOL!)  or to my old silly jokes.

There are lots of stuff to choose in everything that we do, we may suffer  sometimes on the choice that will made but that will that will even make us a better person if we surpass a certain challenge in life!

Just like what Milo Marathon Tells us! Kaya mo yan!!!


9 thoughts on “YOU BECOME WHAT YOU BELIEVE (My Thoughts this 33rd Milo Marathon)

  1. positive thinking..that’s all you need is to focus on the race..”i’m getting ready, getting ready..oh what a day, it’s gonna be…”..kaya yan..God bless! safe running!

  2. oo na magaling ka na… hahaha (jokeness!)
    of course you can do it argo! for someone brimming with self-confidence, failing is practically nill. 🙂
    so go out there and run your socks off… andito kami lahat sa likod mo.. nakasabit.. wahahaha

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