Starting position!

I arrived at the site at around 5:45 AM and I was not able see too many people.  Registration started at 6AM so that would be just the right time to arrive.


At last, they’ve comeback…

It was still nice to see common faces on the event. I got even surprised that a race like REACH was attended by the running maniacs called elites.  What even made me more surprised was seeing my Outdoor friends in this event except Pat (also a member of I suddenly realized that I missed them.  It would have been more fun if my outdoor friends and the peeps are present.


Got my own photo op before the race…

Race started like as if there’s no race. Actually, it’s a race that doesn’t need to be taken seriously but only fun. The first loop was just right.  I felt that I was running fast, but not too fast though.  I stopped right after the first loop and started munching 4 krispy kreme donuts. I like donuts! I enjoyed eating a lot of it, but I guess not during a race that is time pressured! Anyway, I ate them all up in three minutes and galloped away afterwards.  The second loop became a bit heavy so I just ran lightly so as not to get an appendicitis.


Munching!! Yummm! Look at Julie’s technique.

My time:

1st loop: 12:12

Donut eating: 15:14

Time Finished: 28:14


Still got the Energy!

Whoah! I just made a new Personal Record (PR) I was about to celebrate for my 1st sub 30 min race until Pat told me that the course was just 4.3Km.  I didn’t feel bad though but I just whined and told them that I could have been faster if I didn’t greedily eat the donuts. Hah!

After the race, we had another photo ops and also with my outdoor group.


My Group. (Click the photo to see the set)
T’was a really eventful day to me, I’ve never seen a Fun Run like this, where in you would need to Eat… and Run!

9 thoughts on “REACH Fun Run

  1. so this is the reason how and why RUNNR Y emerged from the darkness and….

    wahahahaha 😉

    nice blog entry argo 🙂

    buti ka pa masipag gumawa. ako tamad haha 😉

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