A Photowalk in Binondo

Chelly in our Binondo Photowalk

After the Donut Eating and the 5Km race at Reach Fun Run, Chelly, Pat, Julie  and I decided to have a Photowalk in Binondo.  It was just a thirthy-minute photowalk because of the congested traffic that occured why travelling from The Fort to Binondo.

We arrived at the placed and had some lunch before starting to have a photowalk.  I took some pictures together with Pat using my SLR and Julie using her Point and Shoot. 

Julie in her best Smile
Julie in her best Smile
Yes, the Photowalk is very short taht all of us still want to stay; however, due to the limited time that we had, we just decided to enjoy the time until it was all up.
Aside from the two best picture of Chelly and Julie, below are the other two that Pat and I took. I decided to ditched other pictures that didn’t passed to my standards…
Street Kids Lurking
Street Kids Lurking taken by Pat
My Shot.  Received some comments about not a fully centered subject. I told them I'm time pressured because this lady is half -conscious. What do you think?
My Shot. So tensed about this shot because the lady is half-conscious. I really don’t want to freak her out if she saw catching a piece of her soul. LOL!



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