Globe Run for Home Collection

I am already at the finish line when I saw that time is already at 2:30:30.  I need to speed up despite of the cramps in my rib cage and on my calf muscle.

My endeavor to reachthe finish line
My endeavor to reachthe finish line

Look at how Carina lead the group. It’s like everyone is after her.

Carina Leading the Group
Carina: Follow me if you want to be second...

Steven arrived at the finish line and tried looking at his time.  It was like he was praying.

Steven Praying
Steven Praying

Another inspiring man in the group is GBM’s (Gingerbreadman) uncle who is Tito Caloy. Now everyone in the group is calling him Tito Caloy.

Tito Caloy

Timmy the Kenkoy runner is always on the go! Lot’s of wacky stuff he does everytime he sees a camera.

Timmy: faster faster me! you can't catch me!

Margalicious Marga, tried another 10Km. I’m impressed by her perseverance and determination to finish the race.  She might had experienced pain but she did not give up. Thanks Chelly for the support!


Marga's Agony
Marga's Agony

More pictures to follow! Cheers and Kudo’s to all!

Photographer: Pepsi Gutierrez

Post Process: Rodel Cuaton

More pictures at my multiply site and its album

Run for Home Set 1

Run for Home Set 2


17 thoughts on “Globe Run for Home Collection

  1. thanks in advance rodel…happy bday…i like your shorts…talaga…nice eh…bagay sayo….all the best…

  2. ay, sayang wala akong picture…. na naglalakad sa 10K… hehehe…

    Rodel, ganda ng pictures mo, professional talaga!

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