I lost… but I could once again rise and do it again!

My short-shorts did not make it...
My short-shorts did not make it...

I was full of expectation on an early Sunday Morning for my  2nd 21K this month.  Thinking that I could still give another try and get a new PR from my last Milo Half mary.  I really thought I could make it! I really thought…

Yet, I was wrong…

What Happened?

I am a positive split believer, I always thought that if I could be at a kilometer mark earlier that I expected, then I will be safe.

I was really going fast on my first five kilometer.  I reached the first Km mark in no less that 5 minutes, then the 2nd Km at 10 min.  I was still doing well at that point until to the 5th Km meeting Sam, Ellen, Bongz and Migs on the road.  at around 30 minutes.

Then I aimed for another target. the 10Km mark, hopeful to get it by sub 60.

Yes, I did my best, but unforetunately, I was not able to make it for I had arrived at 1:05 and Doc Topher giving me a pat on my bun!  I still tried to outrun him but my energy was already vanishing a the 11th Km mark.  My Run-Walk-Run strategy was somewhat putting me still at the right spot at the right time, I still believed that everything would fall into place.

Alas! There I arrived at the turning point of the 10Km runners.  It was kinda crazy for I need to go with the crowd.  There were people walking and running but I could no longer maintain the momentum that I previouslt had anymore.  My fatigue aggravated in going over the Kalayaan bridge.

Again I decided to walk…  I first tried getting my hydration belt refilled and surprised at what their giving… a carbonated energy drink.  Actually, I don’t feel like drinking those on a race thinking that it would just make myself bloated. I was lead to a choice of choosing the lesser evil.  That is between getting dehydrated or drink that one they’re serving. I chose the latter.

Reached the 14th and 14th and 15th Km at a pace i am not really sure of, but my time is telling me that I am still on track.  Then, on the road, I saw Gab (Dirty Sanchez)  and outran me again.  Darn! Not again!  I tried to catched up with him by my calf muscle are getting tighter so I need to slow down.  Fine! Bye Gab, See you at the Finish Line.

17.5 Km mark, another turn, but before I arrived there, I saw a little entertainement.

Sam, the Running ninja ang Timmy the Kenkoy runner.  I am not sure but it’s like they are having a little contest, It was like either Sam and Timmy are trying to outrun each other.

18, and 19th Km and I’m still catching up…  I was still optimistic that I can still finish it right before my target.

20th Km Mark, Oh no, I was late. but I could still arrive before the 2:30:00 mark.  I tried running as hard as I can but my calves are already getting sore.  I could not do it anymore.  2:30:30, That’s what I saw… With all the strength left, I sped up upon seeing that to at least reach that mark. Time at 2:30:55 (unofficial).

The Aftermath

Before reaching the Finish Line, I am already feeling sore on my rib cage giving me a hard time to breathe. It aggravted when I reached the finish line.

I told Bongz and Pepsi that it really hurts a lot. Big Time!  I decided to sit for a moment because I am already getting dizzy.  I was totally thirsty at that time and good thing, Dennis was there with a can of that carbonated energy drink.  Good thing, he gave everything to me and the pain that I am experiencing lessened until I became fine.

I really feel bad about it, having a real hard time during the race and not enjoying it… Plus finishing it with an uncomfortable feeling doubles the impact.

Race has already ended and me keep on contemplating about it…

I need to train more… And maybe try a different strategy other than the Positive Split thing that I know…

Till our next race...
Till our next race...


  1. Hi Rodel. Chalk this one up for experience. I’ve had some of these types of races and it happens. The fortunate thing is that you completed it and that you’re okay.

    It’s a new week now. Please look forward towards your next race and focus on the training whatever that may be. Take care and have a good week ahead.

  2. Hi Rodel,

    I had my share on this kind of experience during the Globe Run For Home last Sunday. It really happens.
    And by the way thanks for the pictures. I used it in my blog.
    See you around next time….and more amazing shots from you!.

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