Cross-training shoes, a basketball shorts and cotton shirt was my first get up when I started running.  Seeing all those running apparrels during my first race, I immediately thought of purchasing one… 

The Hell I Care! (Grabbed from Nuttybunny)
The Hell I Care! (Grabbed from Nuttybunny)

After finishing my first 5K, Together with my running friends, we went to this “tiangge” of apparrels.  I bought a pair of singlet and shorts and just telling the vendor that my size is medium without really knowing how long or how short the shorts is. 

I was so excited to go home that time and broadcast to my family that I got a pair of running apparel as soon as I got home.  I even wore it and showed it to them; however, to my surprise, I never thought that the shorts I got was very short, it already look like a boxer shorts to me.

One of my brother exclaimed, “Kuya, yan ba yung ginagamit sa pantakbo” (Big Brother, are those really used for running?) 

To my embarrassment, I told them, “Hindi ah, pantulog lang ito!” (Of course not, i’ll only use this for sleeping.)

I never tried wearing the short shorts again…


PART II : My First Attempt to Wear the Short Shorts

BOTAK Paabilisan,  Seeing other runners in different races wearing short-shorts, I told myself that it would be ok to wear those, probably for comfort or for speed, I am not sure what their reason is.

So I tried wearing it, but just to be sure, I put another shorts  on (a longer one)

Together with Pat and a friend (Ren) we went to the race, but before we get closer to the venue, I shouted at them and dropped my longer shorts asking if the short shorts would be okay.

Yes! I saw Pat and Ren’s facial expression, amazed (for the guts I had to wear it) and horrified (probably thinking how gross the shorts  was on me) and told me “IBALIK MO NA!!!” (Put it back!)  before I completely remove my longer shorts.

PART III: The Hell I Care.

The 33rd Milo Marathon,  Everyone is talking of wearing a pair of thights. At this point, I still cant bear wearing a pair of because I just don’t want to, I even told myself that I’d rather wore a short shorts than wearing a pair of thights.

So be it.  I think this is my chance to wear it (Chariots of Fire Music Playing)  If everyone wil wear thights, then, it wouldn’t be a big deal to wear my beloved shorts. 

Vicky Ras was the first to see me after Pat who no longer seem to care (LOL!)  and mentioned “Mas maigsi pa ung shorts mo sa shorts ko ah!  (Your shorts are even shorted than mine.)  I was about to put again the longer shorts in shame until I saw, my other friends wearing thights and I just thought it’s funny, so I told myself I should be fine.

I was able to finish the 21K race wearing it.  I even tried it on again in another 21K race which is the Globe Run for Home. My friends still mess with me for wearing it, but I am already numb with it.  It’s ok I think, I would just have to deal with their fancy jokes! lol!

That’s the history of my running short shorts…



  1. Kailangan may explanation ang nyort-nyorts?! 😛

    Honestly, I think it takes a real runner to wear “real” running shorts. I actually envy those who could wear them at ease.

    ‘Di bale… darating din ang araw… magsusuot rin ako ng nyort-nyorts! 😀

  2. Bwahahaha! I had a blast reading about your boxers…er I mean ur nyort nyorts pala.

    I know how it feels bro, ang awkwardness, mixed emotion of insecurity and pride in wearing ur exposed legs. hahaha! Until now di ko pa rin kaya ang nagawa mo(I dont think I ever will) na magsuot ng nyort nyorts. hehehe!

    keep it up!(not the shorts or something else, but the running and blogging)

  3. NIce argow! Bagay naman ah! Natawa ako na it’s shorter than Vicky’s shorts hehehe 🙂 Next time, compression shorts naman? Wohoooooo 😛


  4. Ziggy, Kaya mo yan… un lang mas matangkad ka sa akin, im not sure how you will look like with short shorts.

    David, nagshort shorts ka na rin ba?

    Ricov, I was ablut to write it in blooper of a runner thread pero dahil napahaba na, ginawa ko na syang blog.


  5. walanjoe! may sariling entry para kay nyort nyorts? hahaha 🙂 ayot! 🙂

    nice story argow! 😀 hehehe funny, you are more conscious about your nyort nyorts 🙂 one reason why runners wear nyort nyorts is the the abundance of “leg space” pang sprint 😉 makatulong yan sayo to gain more speed pag ultra halimaw mode ka na 🙂

    wag mo na isipin ung hirits namin hahaha.

    ang abangan mo (or better yet, eh katakutan mo) ung magiging hirit namin pag nag tights ka na rin! hahaha 😉

    peace bro!

  6. Argow! I love your short shorts on you! Seriously! Tsaka, anubeh, nag P, PR dahil sa short shorts na yan, keber what others think?
    21k, PR: Check.
    Guts to wear short-shorts KNOWING the ribbing you’d get: Double Check! (That’s a real man, right there!)

    @Doc E: buyt I’ve seen you in shorts shorts, haven’t I? In UP? hmmm. Bagay naman a…:) Kaya lang gabi yun….lol

    @Ziggy: hmmmm, kung kaya ni Doc E na mas matangkad sayo, kaya mo rin.

    Peace, All!

  7. This story about the ‘nyort-nyorts’ was really funny.. I can’t imagine how people reacted, that they have to shout “ibalik mo na”.. that was something.. (Is it really that ‘short’??) haha.. =D

    Well one thing for sure.. you made me laugh today.. Belated Happy Birthday Argo!

  8. Running in short shorts is cool! It’s the shorts that we can run efficiently. Imagine wearing a basketball shorts for running or a short with the same size. It will create a drag and it’s heavy when you run with it. I also receive a huge amount of attention whenever I’m wearing one. It’s okay at least I’m sexy.

    Life is hard. Run Harder,

    – Marc

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