Tagaytay by Foot

Distance makes things more sweet

Pitstop somewhere in Dasmariñas, Cavite

Km0 to Km 56. Manila to Tagaytay. Most of us would always and will always do this by riding a vehicle; but probably not with the weird people I know. A number of takbo.ph friends thought of doing this and held last Aug 2. They started 30 minutes past midnight and typhoon named Jolina was totally not an issue with them. In fact, they even thought it would be even fun to run under it. I am not sure what had happened way back from Km 0 because I just joined them together with my brother at Km 24 somewhere in Imus, Cavite probably around 5 in the morning. We wre thinking of just joining them in their next pitstop which is Dasmariñas, Cavite but decided to join them when I saw their blinking lights and decided to alight from the jeepney we’re riding due to excitement. To my surprise, it was still 7Km far from the pitstop.

I know that some of them were already tired, but it seems that their spirits are still alive and kicking! I paced with the Jazzrunner Rene before arriving to our pitstop and had conversation while running to escape from boredom.

At last, we arrived at Km 31 and the second batch of runners were already there. We had a little bit of picture taking and at the same time, reload and replenish our previously lost energy.

2nd Leg – Dasmariñas to Tagaytay

The second leg seemed to be more fun because our number increased. Most of us are wearing I am Ninoy Shirt as a Tribute for Cory Aquino who just died last Aug 1 due to Colon Cancer. A sign of honoring the late president.

Going to Tagaytay

Km 31, 32, 33… Everything passed as if nothing happened, but I’m not really sure to others who have started from Km0. It must have been really hard for them because the distance that they have covered was indeed no longer a total joke. A distance that all of us should have respected.
Km 40, 41, 42… It was getting steeper and our elevation had increased. I was amused at how my brother runs now. It seems that he’s having more practice as much as I do (he was having an OJT in Subic).

Somewhere in Silang, Cavite

Km 49. I had my final pitstop. My brother who complains of fatigue and me complaining about time due to the other commitment that I had. My work. I bid goodbye to them at 9:45 AM. Too bad I was not able to finish the last 7Km. I was not even able to take good photos of Taal Volcano and to make it worse, I was not able to give justice on Doc Eire’s treat of Coconut Pie and Tsampordo (sigh!).
Well, I could always even have next time…

and by then, maybe I’ll try to conquer from end to end…

Argonaut at the last pitstop… Silang Boundary

Congratulations on those who were able to finish Km 0 to Km 56 and also to those who ran and joined this event!
‘Till our next run!


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