RHYTHM OF THE NITE (Urbanite Run ’09)

Going down the slope was fun… But not going up. I rest my case.


The 5K finisher!
The 5K finisher!


It was indeed a remarkable event.  Kenny Roger’s Urbanite Run ’09 was a blast to most of us (except the singlet claiming). A race happened at night here in the Manila.

I arrived at 8:30 looking for the takbo.ph peeps. They told me that it should be a requirement that we would wear those freaky grotesque high knee socks which I complied.  It was hilarious how I look then with my new short shorts on with the socks, but I didn’t bother… At least I witnessed others who are wearing the same. 

At the marker, I was amazed seeing an immense pack for 5Km.  I tried to place myself in the front but I was not able too. There are just too many people and I could no longer fit myself in until the gunshot. I am not sure at what time I stepped on that mat to acknowledge that I already start the race. It was such a really big crowd that I had a hard time looking for some space as I run. I turned right… I turned left… until there was already a free running space.  I feel fast… I just said I feel fast… lol!  It was probably because I am aiming for a sub 30 minutes this time as my previous 5Km races were void ( I void it myself:  The Happy Run and The Reach Fun Run)  I didn’t bring my ever-reliable phone for timer this time so I just have to rely with my instinct. 


The McKinley Hills

Going down the slope was fun… But not going up. I rest my case. Dennis overtook me at this point and seeing other takbo.ph peeps as I went up.  I could feel the frustration at this point because my legs were getting limp (need more hills training).  Had a 20 second walk break because of this and then go back to run. 

To the Finish

I overtook Edu. He was already walking. I told myself that this is my chance (hahahah!).  I tried slowing down a few meter away from the finish line not until I saw a girl wearing this orange takbo.ph singlet. Darn! It’s Ellen! I sprinted the last few meters and I shouted Hindi ako Papayag! (No, I won’t lose against you!)  Then I noticed Edu running beside me and yelled “Ako rin! (Me too!)  It’s like the two us were sprinting and trying to outrun each other until we made it to the finish line. 

Official Clock time : 30:16

I will just have to wait on the results to check for my net time! Neat!

We shook hands after as a sign of sportsmanship. Those made me feel like a winner sprinting at the finish line! It was fun! 

Grabbed my camera after and took a few pictures. Eat Lechon afterwards courtesy of Carlo. Oh Man! Another race to be proud of!

Pictures to follow at my Multiply site.


20 thoughts on “RHYTHM OF THE NITE (Urbanite Run ’09)

  1. You always have the most unique of experiences…Congrats Argo for a strong finish!

    Sana minsan makatabi kita ulit sa race then let’s see what invectives you can offer me (like that of Edu’s and Ellen’s). Haha!


  2. hahaha! what a complete and detailed story up to the “hindi ako papayag” statement. hahaha! you guys did well! congrats. sayang i didn’t see you anymore after the race.

  3. Hehe! Friendly Competition lang!

    Lau, meron na ako with you diba? ung Longsilog Whining ko?
    Thanks Rico! hehe! masya nga sa 5K!
    Thank Gail! oo nga di na tayo nagkita…
    Next race ulit!

  4. Haha, Argo with your powerful nyort-nyorts! Natawa naman ako sa “Di ako papayag”. Uy, naiba ang kanta mo to the finish line! Sana nag HHWR na lang kayo ni Edu!! =)

  5. in fernes, narinig ko tlga ung pagsigaw ng “hindi ako papayag”..actually,nung nakita ka namen ni edu,sbi ko s knya “konti n lng..o,ayan c rodel,mauunahan p naten (coz rodel’s already walking)”..eh lumingon c rodel,nahuli kmi.gs2 ko sna,id silently pass by you..hehehe.c edu,npkaripas.ayaw patalo sau.pr0 oks lng sken n mauna k.c0ngarts,bru!este,bro!

  6. argo, winner ka! hehehe kala mo ha 🙂 ang kulit lang nung “eureka!” or should i say, “di ako papayag!” moment mo hahaha 😀 dati na ganyong moment ako, with roselle hehehe 🙂

    pero may kilala akong gumaganyon sa akin parati, pero di pa nakakapag over take sakin wahahaha 🙂 iba ata na ang target ngayon 🙂

    next time sama akong mag habol kay ellen wahehehe 🙂

  7. mukang masmasaya ngyaring competition sa 5k based on your writeup , mukhang sulit na sulit din SLR mo sobrang dami mong kuhang pictures! =D

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