The Photofinish

I’ll never ever, ever wear a short shorts with a high knee socks ever again…

Results are out in the last Urbanite Run as well as the Photovendo pictures.

Here is the result of my effort. I love how it was presented.

Where I am!
Where I am!

I am top 117th out of 1899 runners making this race my best to date. Top 1% of the total population of the racers.

See the Red Spot Beside the Green and The Yello Spot
See the Red Spot Beside the Green and The Yellow Spot
Basically I am the Green spot there, there red spot beside me is Edu that I beat by a second. LOL! and Ellen is the Yellow spot. well, she still beat me and edu in the net time if that will be the basis.
The Photofinish
The Photofinish
The phenomenal statement, Di ako papayag! Did I mention Edu and I are pushing each other to the finish? LOL! Though I came in first in the finish line in this picture, I still hate this because of how I look (hindi talaga bagay sa akin ang high-knee socks na yan!!! Sino ba ang nagplano nyan??? ang malupit pa nito, pumayag ako sa gusto nila!!!) I’ll never ever try wearing a high knee socks again with the short shorts. I just feel it made me look like one of the japanese high-school girls… Darn!!!
Thanks photovendo for the picture.

9 thoughts on “The Photofinish

  1. rodel,c0ngrats on ur tym!wener ang ph0tofinish sh0t!hey,i beg 2 dsagree..d nyort-ny0rts wt knee high s0cks l0ok c0ol..hehehe!..seri0usly,wg n tau mgknee high s0cks n multic0l0red..khet ako,nhhya..tnx 4 making urbanite fun-filled as it is!natalo m0 si edu.yah0o!

  2. Hi…wearing a knee-high socks is advisable if you’re running an ultramarathon, for protection against uvr. But there’s nothing wrong using it even in shorter distance.

    Nice pic. Can I add you in my blogroll?

    God bless.

  3. Nice sprint to the finish, Rodel! Bagay naman syo naka short-shorts. Yung high knee socks? parang galing circus! Nice statistics of your run too!:-)

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