Have you ever imagined yourself fly above with 10,000 baloons?


The Movie Poster
The Movie Poster Source: Wikipedia

I always believe that animated films would give you a lesson that you could actually incorporate in your daily lives; however, I never thought that the movie “UP” that I just seen recently would give me a euphoric experience.  It’s so cheesy to mention it but my tears could almost fell (and i’m biting my lips not to)  as I see the whole story.  It was a story of love, of dreams and of respect to the people who are a lot older than us. 

Mr Carl Fredricksen an old man who happens to lose her wife Ellie shared a dream of going into a Long Lost paradise somewhere in South America (It looks like Angel falls to me) ever since they were young.    Russel a self proclaimed wilderness explorer tried chasing the old man in an attempt to own a badge that would complete his merit badge.  It was remarkable how each character was presented.  The 10000 balloons, though undeniably impossible amused me.  It was a total nostalgia that I once wanted to do it when I was a kid. 

Over-all the story is so astonishing and timeless for me.  I love it!


6 thoughts on “Up

  1. Hahahaa. Aba, and since when has this become a movie review blog? LOL 😛

    It was an awesome movie man, no doubt about it. You would think it was just a cutesy slapstick comedy animated feature based off the trailer, but the first 15 minutes would reduce even the hardest skeptics out there to tears. I’d watch it again if given the chance.

    Oh yeah, all hail the HOFF!

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