To give up means to loose everything…


DNF. What is this three letter word? What does it mean to a runner like me.  Is it really such a big deal for other runners to accept it?

DNF. Did Not Finish.  Yes, I have to admit that I just encountered this.  I don’t know if I have already exerted my full potential or I was too dim-witted at that moment and I just played around the whole time that’s why these three letters are already in my face.  I just can’t believe it happened…

I am frustrated.  I feel so weak. I feel like I am just a small and mere little boat floating in a wide ocean…. without a sail (haha! drama!)… Everything flashes in my mind when I saw the finishers. I kept asking myself how come I was not able to finish it.  What are our loopholes? Is it just they are fortunate and too persistent while we are not?

Well…. It’s not right to sourgrape… This will be enough…  All I can say for now is, next time… We’re going to finish it.

See you next year!


24 thoughts on “DNF

  1. too bad…pero sabi nga sa buhay coke jingle…kung manalo eh di masaya, kung matalo may next time pa, pag nadapa bangon lang, pag may tumawa bow na lang…ganyan talaga ang buhay, kaya mag-smile araw-araw…pansin ko lang, layo ng tingin mo rodel!

  2. Yup, Argow. We will conquer it next time. I assure you.

    Masakit talaga ang tatlong letra na yan. Lalo na para sa ating mga mananakbo. Ngunit, dito tayo huhugot ng lakas sa susunod.

  3. bearwin, instead of sourgraping…try mo din yung “crying over spilled milk”…bwahahah..seriously, i was quite tired and disappointed myself..BUT, i enjoyed the bonding moments with takbo.ph peeps..imagine, first day of my new age tapos, eto kagad experience ko..tsk, tsk..

  4. dear teammate… (naks)… like i said, we failed but WE ARE NOT FAILURES!! bow… DNF – did not fail.. we did not fail in trying cause we tried and we tried for 4 hours!! damn it (ooops…) s-m-i-l-e!!! ang saya saya naman ng adventure natin na ultra bonding diba =) til the next orienteering!! teammates tayo ulit wink*wink

  5. Uy Hoff Argo, anong kaguluhan ito? Hehe
    Ang drama ng photo at title ah? What is the perfect background song for this? 🙂

    Seriously, finish or not finish I am sure you guys had fun.

  6. oks lang yan argo. there’s always a next time. it’s the experience that’s irreplaceable.

    next time…magsama tayo ng experienced mountaineer na para magaling sa orienteering 🙂 j/k! hehehe!

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