Extreme fear can neither fight nor dive.


The group ready to dive…

I don’t care what people say about it, but I’m really afraid to go underwater equipped or unequipped; however, it’s been my dream of conquering one of my fears… So I tried SCUBA diving.
SCUBA – Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
That’s the definition. Easy to recite though but I believe that it takes all your guts backbone (literally) to carry one and use it… Well, for me I guess for I really have no idea what will happen to me or if I will be really capable of doing that thing.


The view of Anilao

I went to Batangas with a running pal on a Friday. It was such a striking day and a perfect time for diving. It was a bitter-sweet moment that day for I have felt excitement and fear. Excitement because it’ll be my first time to do it and Fear because I’m just a coward to face my fear.


I’m also trying to keep myself hydrated….

Jake, Introduced me to a group of divers. Man! I was scared but I am hiding my total fear, and always thinking that I can. I had, coffee, juice and water and keep hydrating myself just like what jake had told me to do. They started diving while I checked the place for the meantime using my camera which I enjoyed because the ambiance is very much appealing to me.


The ambiance I’m enjoying…

At last, it’s my turn. I changed my attire and showered. Robert the Dive Instructor told me a couple of things. About regulators, tanks, safety tips, equalization and all. Almost every thing that makes sense to a diver which passed from my left ear to the other because I am totally preoccupied (stupid panick guy!) until he told me that I will be safe (well, i think those words should be fine).

The First Dip

Now I’m wearing everything and its the tank was really heavy until we went down there. I feel very light and lifeless (hahah!) Never really thought that the under water sanctuary was wonderful! I’ve seen a lot of organisms under. Fish, all of ’em! Clams, never really thought that they were taht big! Corals, Awesome!
But it didn’t stop there, I almost forgot that I need to equalize often so that my ears wont get hurt. Not to mention that I started to become thirsty and I definitely have no chance of drinking anyhting there even though I’m underwater because number 1, my I am biting that life saving hose going to the oxygen tank and number 2, I would never really wanted to drink a water full of salt anyway…
I emerged from the sea after that breath taking experience which I enjoyed a lot!

The Second Dip


What’s for Lunch???

I repeated it in the afternoon after taking the resorts fiesty lunch. I put on my mask and regulators and jump into the sea. This time the dip was longer and deeper. Jake brought a bag of bread for the fish. It was awesome seeing all the variety of fish playing around us for the food! The fear all turned into excitement as we move along. After 40 minutes, we went up. Our dive instructor told me that I almost consumed every moles of oxygen in the tank. Whoah! Good thing we’re already up in the land or else I’ll end up part of the sanctuary! haha!


Jake’s Dive. Fish Feeding would actually look like this.

I left the place with a total hangover due to that delightful experience. Too bad we were not able to get pictures underwater but anyway, I can repeat it do the same thing! It was really a tiring day for me but a worthy one!


Thanks Jake and friends and our Dive Instructor Robert!


Let’s call it a day!


15 thoughts on “UNDER THE SEA (SCUBA Diving 101)

  1. congrats argo…welcome to the sea world…nag-flash back tuloy mga ala-ala ko…nakita mo si nemo? kuha na tayo ng padi license! lol…

      1. hahaha aRgo! dinanas ko rin lahat ng kaba na yan -pero noon yun, basta enjoy lang and don’t forget to breath and equalize

        ano… dive ulet? 🙂

    1. Earl when I first saw nemo da movie i thought he’s an american, but then when I descent @anilao water lol Pinoy pala si nemo 😀

  2. I don’t know If I said it already but …Cool site, love the info. I do a lot of research online on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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