PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Running Moments

Gingerbreadman's Moment
Gingerbreadman's Moment

Luis aka Gingerbreadman ran 21K a few weeks after his euphoric 50Km in Botak.  He mentioned in his blog that we has running fast that time but suddenly felt pain in the middle of the race.  He could almost give up but decided not to and pursue to reach the finish line. With Bongyu with him to pace, I believe that this race was one of the best moments happened in Just my point of view…


8 thoughts on “PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Running Moments

  1. sino yung gwapong naka yellow sa likod? 🙂 hmmm

    one more thing, look at bongyu hahaha 🙂 parang may pagnanasa kay luis hahaha peace BY! hahahaha

    argo, parang kilala ko tong ganitong segment ah, parang kay sir rene! haha 🙂

    magaya ko nga hmmm 🙂

  2. Nice Pics, Rodel! Luis’ moment of glory after running a 50k?:-)

    Hey, there was no need to make paalam pa as this expresses our passion in sharing different moments in our running life. Carry on!:-)

  3. Lol lol lol awesome shot Rodel, what a moment! The exhiliration of not quitting and being in the company of friends encapsulated into one shot 🙂 Thanks for sharing man hehe.

    p.s. Sino yung gwapong nakayellow sa likod?

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