A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Sir Winston Churchill class pic courtesy of Carlo class pic courtesy of Carlo


After the Milo Elimination in Manila, I’ve been craving to beat again the 2:30 barrier.  It was like a bench mark that for me that a good 21K should be below that time.  No one set it up but I set it up for myself to really test my skills.

Globe Run, 2:30:55.  It was not a strong finish due to the cramps I got after the race.

Milo Eliminations San Pablo, 2:32ish.  I saw the timer stopped right before my eyes after 2:31:30; after all the pushing that I have done just to get there on time. 

Here comes Ecodash.  Seriously, I am planning to just have another personal record (PR) in ROTARUN that will be held a week after; I have already sought Ferdie’s aid to back me up in this race.  I have informed him that we will be pacing each other together so as to at least finish the race by 2:27 to 2:30.  Then Ellen informed me that Bongz and Carina will go bandit in the race and will pace me if I want to. Without hesitation I said yes.  I bet I really need that.  I need motivation and someone to push me all throughout. 


I’ve never really tried doing a straight run at races; I have a lot of walk breaks particularly when I am already feeling something odd in my body.  Side stitches, and leg fatigue, I am fond of nursing them that leads in a finish that I really don’t want.  During the race, we were really going steady.  I’ve been bursting speed for a couple of times and Ellen and Bongz were there to jog my memory that I should not go fast and keep it steady.   I keep on talking a lot of times and chattered about this movie “KIMMY DORA”. As a result, I experienced side-stitches due to improper breathing.  I could have walked that time because it’s really freakin’ hurting me, but Ellen said that I shouldn’t give it up and just slow down.  5Km, 4Km, 3Km left and were checking the time closely to see if were really right on time.  2Km, I started to feel the fatigue feeling that I have already hit my wall.  I keep on saying “Oh God, Oh God!” that made Bongz laugh.  Last Kilometre and I can sense that we’re really roughly there.  I checked my watch again and noticed that we will be beating the time that we wished for by five minutes.  Sam joined us in that latter part and kept telling not far enough.  I pushed up to the last 200 meters and finished strongly at 2:22:XX. 

PR Peeps! Sam- 2:04, Vicky- 2:05, Luis (10K)- 50:15 and Me at 2:22
PR Peeps! Sam- 2:04, Vicky- 2:05, Luis (10K)- 50:15 and Me at 2:22

I was drained yet overjoyed at that moment.  I really never thought that I can do it.  It was such an accomplishment for me of course.  Now I marvel if I can beat my time next week… Hopefully, I could.    


Post Race Picture
Post Race Picture
Thanks, Carlo for the Pictures. Bongz, Ellen, Ferdie and Carina for the company.

20 thoughts on “ME AND MY TRAINING WHEELS (Ecodash 21K)

  1. We are so proud of you Argow! As you can see, there is no limit to the human potential if you really just believe that you can do it. Congrats man! Hope you can even do better next week, although for myself am not keeping my hopes up as the course is not conducive to PR’s.

  2. teka, yung concept ng training wheels na yan eh sa akin nanggalng! nag paalam ka ba? wahehehehe 😉
    congrats bro!

    pinahiram ko muna ung turbo booster kong training wheel 🙂 ayan tapos ka na, akin na ulit ha? hahaha

  3. rodel, i’m so proud of you and ferdie as well.. =)..great feeling to be able to meet your for me, it’s my first time to pace someone. para palang stagemother ang feeling..when you were telling me that you have side stitch, or that I can sense that you’re ready to give up, honestly in my mind it’s like – ‘oh, no, what should i do? what is he feeling/thinking? what words to say?’..naku, basta, quitting is not an option. =)

    by the way, na-shock talaga ako nung may biker na biglang tumumba..kasi nagkukuwentuhan tayo nun and i guess he got sidetracked napatingin sya sa’ten..

    anyways, congrats again! =)

  4. Hi, Rodel. Julius here (Yellowcard, Life Is A Highway). Thanks for visiting my blog and for adding it to your blogroll. I hope you won’t mind but I added your blog to my blogroll as well. I hope to meet you in the coming races. Take it easy, bro!

  5. Next time Kimmy, este dora, este rodel pala.. wag muna isipin yung kambal para hindi ka nagkaka side stitch ok ? hehehe

    Congratz my dear Argo’..Ur the man’..

    And take note the significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain.. *wink*

    Keep it up, make your run as jolly as you are 🙂

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