Four Questions… To Run or Not to Run a Marathon



Marathon, A full marathon. Forty-two Kilometers.  I always thought that running this distance is insane.  That was when I started running months ago; however, as time goes by, as my running mileage increased and as my running obsession amplified exponentially, I started dreaming of running a marathon.  At present, there are three upcoming marathons this year; and now, I am getting now insane just like what I thought of the others.  Even keep asking myself from time to time if I am really up to it…  If I really have what it takes to be a marathoner. 


Due to my restlessness, I began asking people around me concerning their marathon insights; those who have finished it and those who are aspiring to be a marathoner like me.  I have also informed my interest but I told them that my determination is still an issue.  There were people who are insisting that I should go for it, but there are others that told me that if I’m not physically and emotionally ready, they suggested that I should let it go and train for the next marathon.


I am fully aware that my verdict is still up to me. Again I’ll be asking myself; but this time, I thought of the four questions that I learned in a seminar called Unleash the Highest Potential of my Life.  Questions that I believe would able to help me decide…




Mind over Matter
Mind over Matter

Since I’ve already dreamt of running a full mary, and I need to fulfill my dreams making it a reality, my answer would definitely a YES!




I'm going to have a heart attack.. ulk!
I'm going to have a heart attack.. ulk!

Yes! I really want it.  There’s definitely no question about that.




Umm…  I could… Probably… I just don’t know yet. I’ve run 48Km before but that was months ago and that experience really taught me a lesson.    I’ve been running a couple of 21K race lately but my weekly mileage only averages 30Km/week.  Not to mentioned the workouts that I’m doing to increase my leg endurance (I believe this would actually wok).  As I said I still don’t know.



Just Praying...
Just Praying...


I could really never tell exactly, yet, I strongly believe that the actions that I’m taking is just and there’s nothing wrong with it, Then I believe that It’s God’s will.  The answer is yes.


I still have a confused decision…  It looks like I’m telling myself that my spirit is indeed willing but my flesh is weak… I am going to do it next month, or let it go and do it next year… 


I have so many questions, yet… only one answer….


34 thoughts on “Four Questions… To Run or Not to Run a Marathon

  1. huwaw argo, i’m not quite sure where to get amazed. the way you wrote this or the way you pose here. anyway, I myself is confused on what to advice you because I haven’t even ran half marathon. whatever decision you come up with, you know that WE, peeps are here to support you. =] God bless!

  2. go for it argo! you know you can do it 🙂 as long as you have the willpower, go for it!!! teka…ba’t wala ako sa blog roll mo? hahaha! just kidding!

    btw, astig yung pics ha 😉

  3. Great article bro. Wow. #3 is the question of all questions to me. Can my body endure it? You mentioned that your are doing some exercised to help your legs for endurance training. May I ask what you are doing as this seems to be my weakest (2) points… left and right leg 🙂 I hope you do decide to run it. We can celebrate or cry on each others shoulders afterward. 🙂

  4. I think you already know the answer you just want confirmation from others… only you know when and where that would be and regardless what we say it’s you who’ll decide for yourself.

    In other words and effort sa picture ah! Di ka naman masyadong mahilig sa sarili mong larawan 😀

  5. follow your heart and always do the right thing… if you think you are ready and prepared then that’s the time you could decide…wag mong madaliin…marami pang marathon…

    “If you think you can’t, you won’t…If you think you can, you will! We can, we will.” – Lexus Cars

  6. From the way you write it and the pictures… i see your firm intention to accomplish a goal.

    When the gun shoots, you got to go. =)

  7. del..

    classic na tanong…
    ikaw lang makaksagot sayong tanong na yan dahil katawan mo yan…
    kahit sino kaya tumakabo/lakad ng 42kms ang tanong eh ilang oras tatapusin…

    sabi nga “dont run with your legs but run with your heart”

    wag kang tumakbo dahil lang sa napagiiwanan ka na ng mga ngfull na or dahil lahat sila eh nagfull ikaw lang ang half…

    tumakbo ka dahil gusto mo…

    the running safety pin

  8. eto lang yan argo, quoting from runner’s world quote of the day:

    Running is the classical road to self-consciousness, self-awareness and self-reliance.He learns the harsh reality of his physical and spiritual limitations when he runs.
    -Noel Coward, English playwright, composer, and actor

    in short. BAHALA KA! 🙂 ikaw makakasagot kung kaya mo na walang training mashado, why not. if kaya mo ngang matapos pero wasak ka naman after, ikaw din ang makakasagot nun.

    kung saan ka masaya, bahala ka, or kung gusto mo, bahala na si argo 🙂 BNSA 🙂 (binasa= to get wet, or to have read?)

    ayot? apir!

  9. Nice interpretation Argo… you really got the mood for this.. intense!

    Well.. as long as you love what you are doing, “Suportahan taka”.. =)

    (Pics are great!)

  10. Echoing everyone’s statement – go for it! Train well, train hard, enjoy the ride. =)

    Echoing just Dennis’ statement – oonga, effort ang pics…ikaw lang kumuha nyan ano! I doubt may nauto ka para mag peeture sayo hehe! joke only!

  11. For me Rodel, its not a question or matter of decision to run or not to run… its a matter of acceptance, if you think you can accept the possible scenario of reaching the finish line and getting a non-positive result or will not be according to your expectation, then I think this will help you decide.

    We all know from a fact that if our body can no longer bear the pain, the heat, and we’re beginning to feel uneasy during runs our last resort is to walk and this I think is one of the possible cause of disappointment for serious runners like you, for this impact their time objective.

    Just make sure that your tiny little ego knows what a Loser means..Wakakakak.. hehe
    But on a lighter note at least being a loser will make you strive and hit an objective of being a Winner next time *wink*

    I won’t say goodluck, for you don’t need it, I know you have the guts to do anything 🙂

  12. hi rodel! nice pics. hindi ko pa nat-try to run sa mga races… pero kung ikaw may 4 na tanong, ako may 1 tanong….

    kung hindi ngayon, kelan?

    hmmm… =)

  13. Follow your heart’s desire but don’t neglect the essentials–what is your body telling you, enough mileage and training, readiness, preparedness. If the answer is YES, then, you know the answer. Whatever we say, at the end of theday, it’s you who knows best. Carry on!

  14. so ayaw mo mag-effort sa pictures mo? kaya pala todo promote ka ng entry na to hehe..joke!

    anyway, nasabi na nila ata lahat ng advices 😀
    but here’s my two cents worth: check on your mileage / training. if it’s enough for a full mary then GO.

    i doubt that this is a question if whether you want to or not. instead, it’s whether you’re READY.

    as for us, we’ll be waiting for you on the finishline.
    or better yet you’ll see us along the route, supporting and rooting for you =)

  15. “I strongly believe that the actions that I’m taking is just and there’s nothing wrong with it, Then I believe that It’s God’s will. ”

    I don’t see the logic. Anyone can claim their actions are “just” but that doesn’t justify God’s blessings worst, its God’s will for them. I can only remember GMA telling people “God put me here” and this is what we got 🙂

  16. what more can i add argo? they said it all..
    just remember that whenever you want to do it, we, your takbo family will be by your side, running with you..

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