Dare to be Fit ‘n Right

You Think You Are Fit? Think Again…

Do you have what it takes???
Do you have what it takes???

How fit are you? This is the question that struck me when the so called coach Jim Saret asked me in last Dare to be Fit n Right Blogger’s launch held at Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia . I am confident to say I am fit. I visit the gym 3 times a week and run 2 or 3 time a week; however, when the coach gave us more follow up questions, I started to wonder… On how fit I am.

These are the few questions that I remember.

A fit person can:

Bench press 1.5 times your body weight.

Leg Curl 2.5 times your body weight.

Run 1.5 mile in 10 minutes

Touch the rim the basketball court

Throw a basketball 75 feet from your knees.

Do 40 push-ups in one set

Uhmm… Err… These are the expressions that came out from my mouth when he begun asking, Well, personally, I presume I could’ve done it, but I never really tried. I do bench press my own weight and leg curls 1.5 times my weight. Can most likely run 1.5 miles in 10 minutes but could not really touch the rim of a basketball court nor toss a ball 75 feet from my knees. Well, with his standard, I am not fit enough.

So as I listen to Jim Saret, he discussed the number of calories we burn in a day if were not doing anything, then if we are doing activities like running. He also told us a better way of burning calories with only 4 minutes…

FOUR MINUTES??? No way!!!

Yes I heard him, four minutes…  So what he did is he showed us how to do it. He asked a guy to perform a couple of exercises with a heart rate monitor and a calorimeter. After four minutes he actually burned 96 calories and eventually reach more than 300 calories after a couple of minutes more.

I am still not amazed at the performance, so Jim dared me to try their challenge. He asked me to run for 2 minutes. 20 seconds run and then rest for 10. So I accepted his challenge…

It was a blast! I can still talk for at the first 20 sec, started to pant at the next and I could almost not talk after the challenge ended. Sounds remarkable eh!

Fit n Right Fruit Snack AdDuring the session he also showed us Del Monte Product, Fit ‘n Right that could aid us how to burn fat. It has L-carnitine as he mentioned, but what the hell that it means?

This is what they tell us about L-carnitine:

L-Carnitine is a natural substance that is occurring in the body but can be supplemented for optimal health. It transports the fatty acids into the mitochondria, that’s the  powerhouse where they are burned into energy needed for a healthy heart, important body functions and physical activities. Supplementary L-Carnitine contributes to optimal fat oxidation, and along with a proper diet and regular exercise, promotes healthy body weight.

Before and After picture with one year interval... I never lose weight after...
before and after with a year interval... My weight loss has become stagnant so I think it won't hurt to give it a try....

Ugh, Yeah right! But maybe I could at least try. It wouldn’t really hurt me now that I’m not losing weight anymore and my previous success story about weight loss has now become stagnant.

Before the program ends, they clued us up about the event that they are promoting for a healthier life style. It was the Dare to be Fit ‘n Right Fun Run that will be held in SM Mall of Asia Grounds on November 22. It’s another 3K, 5K and 10K road race. I might probably join the 10K there to gun for a new Personal Record.

For a registration fee of P300, runners can get their race packet with the Dare to Fit ‘n Right Fun Run singlet, race bib, Fit ‘N Right products,etc. Registration can be in the offices of Del Monte Philippines at the Bonifacio High Street, Taguig or race organizer CEMG at 3A Vernida I Bldg., Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City or Dare to be Fit ‘n Right Fun Run registration booths in SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia, Sucat, Pasig, and North EDSA or in Fitness First branches on November 16.


Winners will receive cash and gifts from Del Monte Fit ‘n Right and its sponsors. The Dare to be Fit ‘N Right Fun Run is for the benefit of the victims of typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng through the SM Foundation.

How fit am I? A question that will haunt me as in my quest for better and healthier lifestyle…  How about you? I dare you to be Fit n Right!


Outwit, Outrun, Outlast: Subic International Marathon

By Perseverance the snail reached the ark…

An Instrument of God for giving me the oppotunity to be strong...
An Instrument of God for giving me the oppotunity to be strong...
I was actually excited by the fact that I am running my first official marathon.  I’ve been asking my collegues about this to go or not to go but almost everyone gave their support.  They believed in me; however,  I guess the kind words of support could also not be possible without my believing in myself that I can…

I started training with a few weeks I had; 20+Km at least 2 or 3 times a week including the Sunday 21K races I’ve joined.   I got sick a week prior to the event but recovered so the last week a totally a week without training so as not to strain myself.

I’m ready… that’s what I believed.

That I can conquer the race at 5hours 30min.

I was full of passion and excitement the night before and even on the day of the race.  Arriving at the place, I thought everything would turn out right.  Imagine a very good weather and night running would be just fine…  a very good weather and night running would be just fine…  a very good weather and night ru….

But then, I was wrong… (Comes in a scary background song)

I was performing good at my first Kilometers…  Steady, my run walk strategy worked.  It was 1 minute walk and few minutes of running in a pace probably not better than 6km/min. (nahh, it’s just a wild guess though)

The Catastrophe I Feared About:

3rd water station: I asked for water and told us they have none. No way!  No water at the 3rd Km?  This started to scare me because of the thought that what if the 4th station doesn’t have water, yet I was willful and luckily I got a refill of my hydration flasks.

5th water station: A guy gave me a bottle of water that could fill my flask partially and still thankful that I have outwitted the other runners who doesn’t have a hydration belt.

6th water station: They have gallons full of water and Pocari water.  I was totally rejuvenated by that and completely refilled my flasks… I guess that’s the last visible station I saw.

Darkness…  We were all running in the dark…  There were parts were in we could only rely on the lights of the vehicles on the other side of the road but then, after they pass, it was a total darkness.

Annoying: Water station without water.

I am almost running out of water at a distance I am not totally aware of, since the race doesn’t have a Km Marker (I don’t have a GARMIN yet) I was really threatened about the thought of it; I started to question my own ability… my own strength…  because I know that I haven’t really trained myself in a race without water.

At last I saw a water station… but wait a minute; no runner is around him for water.  So I ask the guy  if he still has some (though I already know the answer) until I hear the NO word from him.  I was totally a disaster.  I feel anger already at that point but decided to be calm… but at the back of my mind, I REALLY WANT TO TOPPLE THE TABLE!

My Angels

Little things that could touched you...
Little things that could touched you...

I decided to run at the right side of the road thinking that my friends could help me. I texted Ellen on my situation…  I was already walking at that moment when I heard someone called me.  IT WAS THEM! The moment Carina neared me, I sobbed at her informing about the situation and that I want to stop…  Carina told me that I’m already near (though I’m really not) and gave me a boost that I can.  Ellen eventually paced me after a few Kilometers.  Hydration came before the toll gate and it all came from the GOOD SAMARITANS.  I believe they were the Elite runners.  Then came the real water station before the toll gate of SCTEX.

Down to the Last 8km

I couldn’t really have made it without their support… I t was really awesome seeing them that I could almost cry again.  They even have this banner saying GOW ARGOW!!! that made me laugh and at the same time touched by their wit to encourage us.  I went back to the road after a few minutes to end my mission.  Ellen decided to move forward and to look for his friend ahead of us so I again ran alone.  Good thing that I already have strength to run till that the last few kilometres.

Finish Line Photo (Nao's album)
Finish Line Photo (Nao's album)

The finish line…

Oh no!  I’m already here.  I couldn’t really imagine that I have done it!  A number of takbo.ph friends were there to support us and to give us a final boost.  I sprinted the last few meters to the finish line and realized that my finished was 5hour40min.  I shouted for joy for the fact that I was really close to my target.  I was totally overwhelmed!

The overwhelming finish. (photo by Carrey Reyno)

The marathon is indeed to me more of a survival… I’m really grateful about this wonderful experience; I believe that God gave me the opportunity to become strong at those times because he also believes in me; that I already have strength waiting be unleashed.  The marathon is just the instrument he created.

I am also grateful for God gave me friends who I could really rely on in these times…  I am proud finishing the marathon… but I am prouder for having friends like them.

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing… (QCIM)

Come what may…

Classic takbo.ph Rembering QCIM by Marvin Opulencia
Classic takbo.ph Rembering QCIM by Marvin Opulencia

 I was sick the whole week prior to the event. The thought of not going to the QCIM was indeed a nightmare for me… Good thing I felt better Friday night, and continued the following day. I was relieved… At least I could run now at my next half marathon; however, the thought of going into another PR was no longer an option.


Hari ng Daang Hari...  Art, Cess, Nao and Me (photo by Marvin Opulencia)
Hari ng Daang Hari... Art, Cess, Nao and Me (photo by Marvin Opulencia)

Oh no! I was late; the race has just started… Good thing the baggage booth was near to the starting point that I don’t really need to take time into in. I hurriedly ran as soon as my bag was placed. I know some of my friends were really surprised seeing me… I guess they were just worried about the fact that I was running again, a couple of days after I got bed-ridden.

 As soon as I approached Gab and Rosel; both 7km/min pacer, Rosel told me to just slow down and be carefree. I decided to do so also for the fear that fainting in the event is possible. Everyone turned and went out from UP and we were really surprised to see the flock of 10K runners! The whole Commonwealth Avenue was colonized by runners both 10K and 21K. I saw Pepsi with the Team Logan. Eyes wide (I guess) asking me why I’m there. I told her I was fine now and really feel the running high. Saw Also Rico, and told me to take it easy because of the marathon we would be racing a week after.

Photo Op with my Pacer Pepsi
Photo Op with my Pacer Pepsi


Zoom! Did I saw the Kenyans? Oh no I don’t, they are really terribly fast! Zoom! Another one passed! It was really awesome seeing them! As we go along long road, I recognized a number takbo.ph friends; Gingerbreadman, Carly, Edu, Sam, the Running Ninja, they were in fact impressive seeing them all improved. Come turning point and I decided to slowdown… I even considered of following the 7km/min pacer but decided not to anymore… I felt the dehydration in my body and decided to just have it rested. I know, I shouldn’t have run… but I’m just freakin’ stubborn. I want it! I don’t know…

Gladly, I finished the race. It was 2:33ish at the clock. I look after for my takbo.ph friends to do my other passion, which is taking pictures. Nao, was there together with Art and Cess on their half marathon debut.

I really don’t want to miss a thing.   Thank God for giving me the opportunity to show what I could really do… I am really grateful.

Few Pictures in my gallery:

Mila 4th Placer, Female Category and Nao on her debut half at 2:06 (unofficial)
Mila 4th Placer, Female Category and Nao on her debut half at 2:06 (unofficial)
Who is Marvin???
Who is Marvin???
takbo.ph never ending photo-ops!
takbo.ph never ending photo-ops!


Team Logan
Team Logan


Another takbo.ph shot!
Another takbo.ph shot!


Me and My 3rd Half Marathon Medal
Me and My 3rd Half Marathon Medal

My 3rd MILO Half Mary

Better Luck Next Time…

The takbo.ph support group who never allowed me not to stop at the booth!
The takbo.ph support group who never allowed me not to stop at the booth!

I keep telling everyone that I’m not really targeting any time at all because my I still have a pair of sore legs due to the last long run that I had 2 days before the race; however, at the back of my mind, I was really after for 2hours 15 minutes.

Jix debut half marathon: The Killer Pace
Jix debut half marathon: The Killer Pace

Bang!  The race has just started.  I was not at my typical speed then because I tried pacing with an agile member of takbo.ph Jix. We were like doing 5min/km thinking that I can do a positive split.

Mark on his first half marathon too!
Mark on his first half marathon too!

After the 2nd Km. I slowed down.  I told myself that meeting the 5Km mark would still be good at 30 min and I was successful in meeting it; I met other takbo.ph peeps like Marvs, MarkHernandez and Chris the Exfatrunner on the road but it was Bongyu’s presence that bothered me.  I have tried catching up with him until I gave up at the 11th Km.  I couldn’t see him anymore.

Bongyu:  A 21Km Comeback
Bongyu: A 21Km Comeback

I was already walking and preoccupied at 12thKm; however, as I reached the 13thKm, my mind was again enlightened by the sight of the takbo.ph support group.  I had a full stop at that point because they wouldn’t allow me to move until I had the taste of their hospitality.

Pepsi, waiting to pace me...
Pepsi, waiting to pace me...

Pepsi and Carina started to pace me at that point too.  I told Carina not to let me go down below the 7min/Km pace but my weary legs can’t do it any further and I stopped at all the hydration stations.

Pacer 1
Pacer 1

Pacer 2: Time Keeper
Pacer 2: Time Keeper

Last 1.5Km.  I told Pepsi and Carina that I just wanted to walk but they didn’t allow me.  Push! That’s all I can hear… Breathe! That’s another word.  Last 300meter until they left me.  I finished at 2:22:57.  It was not my personal record; however, with the 3 half marathon that I joined with MILO this year, it was my most improved record.  Last July was 2:28, San Pablo in September was 2:32 (I saw the time stopped before my eyes at 2:31) and now at 2:22 is not bad after all.

The gift of friendship at those that is really a good deal; to the takbo.ph awesome support group, what could possibly go wrong?

thanks for the photographers and the peeps who took my camera…

enjoy it here:

The 33rd Milo Marathon Finals Set 1

The 33rd Milo Marathon Finals Set 2

My Result at the MILO Site


I have always wanted to have my shoes customized, with the color that i want, the style that i desire and with my name embossed on my shoe.   It’s like giving you a sense of freedom to express that ” Hey, this is me! I am the ARGONAUT!”.  Good thing this idea came up into the intelligent minds of people behind Adidas. They have their latest promo to delight runners like me to have their own style of shoes. 

My Old Supernova will have a style similar to this...
My Old Supernova will have a style similar to this...

I am a Supernova Sequence user.  For the past few months, my pair has never failed me.  May it be a training day, a race day or a rainy day, it is not really giving me any problem like a dead toe nails or anything.  I just felt that I have found a pair that is perfect for my feet.  It may be a bit heavy, but still giving me the comfort that I want.  Adidas has also claimed that:

The shoe is designed with 3D ForMotion technology for easy transition between toe-off and landing for soft, smooth touchdowns. Litestrike 55 lasting technology was used for lightweight comfort and soft feel. Aside from this, GeoFit technology was utilized to achieve anatomical fit and comfort. For midfoot support and integrity, Torsion system was adapted. adiprene technology was used to maintain forefoot propulsion and efficiency. Lastly, for durability in high wear areas adiwear technology was utilized.

With mi adidas, I can now have a pair of shoes that can is entirely different to anyone. 

Adizero Ace: To your top speed
Adizero Ace: To your top speed

I have tried adizero ace once.  Another pair that I consider remarkable.  Upon wearing this pair, it just suddenly gave me a speed faster that my normal pace.  The weight might have done it I guess. Adidas has claimed that:

The adizero Ace has an advance cushioning midsole with a breathable upper as well as, a torsion system for response. Its upper is Airmeshed for maximum ventilation. The adizero also provides moulded insole with adiPRENE in the heel for comfort. Its lining is non-slip  for comfort and performance.

Mi Adidas could also offer this with the look that you’ve always wanted.

Microbounce: Looks cool to me...
Microbounce: Looks cool to me...

I havent really tried this pair but this one looks cool to me; however, adidas claimed that:

This Full heel-to-toe Bounce cushioning returns energy with every step for supercharged ride. The shoe also has thin mesh layers for maximum breathability and lightweight feel. Aside from this, TPU welds are placed to add support and structural integrity. Perforated EVA tongue is also present which allows for light weight comfort and breathability. The insoles are anatomically moulded EVA which is designed for comfort. Lastly, the shoe has an adiwear outsole for best durability in high wear areas.  

 Therse are just running shoes; yet, mi adidas is also offering shoes for basketball and soccer. 

The mi adidas software is only available at the adidas flagship store in Greenbelt 3 Mall. Upon utilizing the software, one has to wait for 21 days for processing.

Adidas strictly values quality so customers are assured that their shoes are at their top forms when delivered, definitely worth the wait. Awesome!!!

For more information about mi adidas, visit http://www.miadidas.com/ 


Todo na to!!!
Todo na to!!!
With so much questions to myself about my potential, I am happy that I have made my final decision… I keep on asking myself that I can do it! and my anwer is yes! I’m doing MY FIRST MARATHON this SUBIC INTERNATIAL MARATHON! Now that I have registered, It means that there is no turning back.  I have already ask my brother’s support on this and he’s all for me. Now is to time to  file a leave for work.
I’m full of energy and vision and excitement now…
I am all for it!
Thanks Orange Julius for the picture taken last ROTARUN


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. Then quit. There’s no use in being a damn fool about it. –WC Fields

Pulag Boys
Takbo.ph Pulag Boys who tried... failed... but will try again...

It was already scheduled more than a month ago that I am going to Mt Pulag; the highest mountain in Luzon. I have been day dreaming that at long last I will be able to witness the majestic sea of clouds at its peak that I usually see at the pictures; however, due to an unforeseen visitor, my so called total vacation was ruined… well, at least I have seen the famous Ambukalao dam…

Yes, it was ONDOY, the formidable typhoon that I have taken too lightly.  It’s really been raining in the mountain the whole time… I was shivering even I already have three layers of upper garments on (shirt, sweater and waterproof jacket) because I was only wearing a pair of pants that could not combat against the unpleasant cold wind.

oh yeah, at least i saw Ambuklao
oh yeah, at least i saw Ambuklao

We have no choice when we arrived but to stay at the ranger station all though out the day… all through out the night.  Pigging out was the only way to kill our world-weariness pairing it with bottles of gin and rum and brandy. Most of our phones were futile because there was no signal except for those who are SMART subscribers that at least could receive messages.  We’ve received a lot of text messages from our friends asking our condition (oh boy I was deeply touched) and informing us that it was raining hard and flooding in Manila.

Seriously, it was a though night...
Seriously, it was a tough night...

Getting sleep was another challenge for all of us. Since we are immobile and doing nothing but putting our eyes closed, the dreaded cold wind definitely took advantage of it.  I was half asleep the whole night (though there were times that Poj said I am snoring).

Morning came and I am still willful about getting to the summit… but the weather was too insatiable to give us a little comfort.  It was undeniably risky so they called everything off.  We arrived at Baguio a couple of hours after and only until then that I realized the tragic event that happened in Manila.  I was stunned.  Few of our friends were affected, that they would need to go on their roof due to flood and others were unreachable because the phone lines were already screwed.  I felt that I am more fortunate than the others.  I was thankful that we are safe had enough food and drinks for all of us.

Wilnar's Kryptonite:  The Long and Winding Road from Baguio to Benguet
Wilnar's Kryptonite: The Long and Winding Road from Baguio to Benguet

My vacation may have been spoiled and the unfortunate event occurred could have pissed us all, yet I it was still a learning experience …  that the mountains were always there and you always have time to go there… over and over again, whenever you wanted…

Aquafortis Gang!
Aquafortis Gang!

Thank you to all the people I’ve met up there who cooked for us and for all the crazy experiences that they have shared.

Enjoy the pictures click PULAG PICTURES