If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. Then quit. There’s no use in being a damn fool about it. –WC Fields

Pulag Boys Pulag Boys who tried... failed... but will try again...

It was already scheduled more than a month ago that I am going to Mt Pulag; the highest mountain in Luzon. I have been day dreaming that at long last I will be able to witness the majestic sea of clouds at its peak that I usually see at the pictures; however, due to an unforeseen visitor, my so called total vacation was ruined… well, at least I have seen the famous Ambukalao dam…

Yes, it was ONDOY, the formidable typhoon that I have taken too lightly.  It’s really been raining in the mountain the whole time… I was shivering even I already have three layers of upper garments on (shirt, sweater and waterproof jacket) because I was only wearing a pair of pants that could not combat against the unpleasant cold wind.

oh yeah, at least i saw Ambuklao
oh yeah, at least i saw Ambuklao

We have no choice when we arrived but to stay at the ranger station all though out the day… all through out the night.  Pigging out was the only way to kill our world-weariness pairing it with bottles of gin and rum and brandy. Most of our phones were futile because there was no signal except for those who are SMART subscribers that at least could receive messages.  We’ve received a lot of text messages from our friends asking our condition (oh boy I was deeply touched) and informing us that it was raining hard and flooding in Manila.

Seriously, it was a though night...
Seriously, it was a tough night...

Getting sleep was another challenge for all of us. Since we are immobile and doing nothing but putting our eyes closed, the dreaded cold wind definitely took advantage of it.  I was half asleep the whole night (though there were times that Poj said I am snoring).

Morning came and I am still willful about getting to the summit… but the weather was too insatiable to give us a little comfort.  It was undeniably risky so they called everything off.  We arrived at Baguio a couple of hours after and only until then that I realized the tragic event that happened in Manila.  I was stunned.  Few of our friends were affected, that they would need to go on their roof due to flood and others were unreachable because the phone lines were already screwed.  I felt that I am more fortunate than the others.  I was thankful that we are safe had enough food and drinks for all of us.

Wilnar's Kryptonite:  The Long and Winding Road from Baguio to Benguet
Wilnar's Kryptonite: The Long and Winding Road from Baguio to Benguet

My vacation may have been spoiled and the unfortunate event occurred could have pissed us all, yet I it was still a learning experience …  that the mountains were always there and you always have time to go there… over and over again, whenever you wanted…

Aquafortis Gang!
Aquafortis Gang!

Thank you to all the people I’ve met up there who cooked for us and for all the crazy experiences that they have shared.

Enjoy the pictures click PULAG PICTURES


8 thoughts on “MY TYPHOON STORY

  1. We’re just glad you guys are okay. I’m sure it was a hell of an experience. Now it’s time to give back and help those who have barely survived. Pulag will always be there and next time, ayain nyo ko! haha love the pics btw 🙂

  2. sayang! but it’s better to be safe than sorry! let’s do pulag next summer! ayoko na bumalik dun during the cold months e. haha! arrange namin ni pat. 🙂

  3. Nice one Argow. We were so worried about you guys because we didn’t know the extent of the storm near Pulag. Everyone was on pins and needles, until we heard from Coach that you guys were freezing, but safe, at the ranger’s station. That’s alright man, you’ll get your vacation next time. We have been exceptionally blessed 🙂

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