Todo na to!!!
Todo na to!!!
With so much questions to myself about my potential, I am happy that I have made my final decision… I keep on asking myself that I can do it! and my anwer is yes! I’m doing MY FIRST MARATHON this SUBIC INTERNATIAL MARATHON! Now that I have registered, It means that there is no turning back.Β  I have already ask my brother’s support on this and he’s all for me. Now is to time to Β file a leave for work.
I’m full of energy and vision and excitement now…
I am all for it!
Thanks Orange Julius for the picture taken last ROTARUN

19 thoughts on “PHOTO OF THE WEEK: I’M ALL FOR IT!

  1. Thank you for all your support! Timmy, jerry, sam, carmen, cousin, ricov, kingofpots and daytripper. Marathon for me is still vague but I am now willing to take the challenge…

  2. Grabeh.. BEARWIN-NER ka talaga argo!..

    Good luck we’re all behind you! (kasi sa bilis mo for sure nasa likodan nasa hulihan kami pag sumabay kami sayo.. )

    Nice pic..parang galet lang.. haha!

  3. You changed your mind faster than you can run. A marathon is 42km, respect the distance dude. With only few weeks of training, I’m not sure how you can pull this off. But I trust that you will be able to finish this…after 6 hours.


    1. Thank you sir for you straight comment. It gave me a little blow in the stomach but I appreciate it. I know that the decision that I made is harsh for me; however, I am not really after for the time, I just want to test how far I could possibly go.
      Again, thank you! πŸ™‚

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