I have always wanted to have my shoes customized, with the color that i want, the style that i desire and with my name embossed on my shoe.   It’s like giving you a sense of freedom to express that ” Hey, this is me! I am the ARGONAUT!”.  Good thing this idea came up into the intelligent minds of people behind Adidas. They have their latest promo to delight runners like me to have their own style of shoes. 

My Old Supernova will have a style similar to this...
My Old Supernova will have a style similar to this...

I am a Supernova Sequence user.  For the past few months, my pair has never failed me.  May it be a training day, a race day or a rainy day, it is not really giving me any problem like a dead toe nails or anything.  I just felt that I have found a pair that is perfect for my feet.  It may be a bit heavy, but still giving me the comfort that I want.  Adidas has also claimed that:

The shoe is designed with 3D ForMotion technology for easy transition between toe-off and landing for soft, smooth touchdowns. Litestrike 55 lasting technology was used for lightweight comfort and soft feel. Aside from this, GeoFit technology was utilized to achieve anatomical fit and comfort. For midfoot support and integrity, Torsion system was adapted. adiprene technology was used to maintain forefoot propulsion and efficiency. Lastly, for durability in high wear areas adiwear technology was utilized.

With mi adidas, I can now have a pair of shoes that can is entirely different to anyone. 

Adizero Ace: To your top speed
Adizero Ace: To your top speed

I have tried adizero ace once.  Another pair that I consider remarkable.  Upon wearing this pair, it just suddenly gave me a speed faster that my normal pace.  The weight might have done it I guess. Adidas has claimed that:

The adizero Ace has an advance cushioning midsole with a breathable upper as well as, a torsion system for response. Its upper is Airmeshed for maximum ventilation. The adizero also provides moulded insole with adiPRENE in the heel for comfort. Its lining is non-slip  for comfort and performance.

Mi Adidas could also offer this with the look that you’ve always wanted.

Microbounce: Looks cool to me...
Microbounce: Looks cool to me...

I havent really tried this pair but this one looks cool to me; however, adidas claimed that:

This Full heel-to-toe Bounce cushioning returns energy with every step for supercharged ride. The shoe also has thin mesh layers for maximum breathability and lightweight feel. Aside from this, TPU welds are placed to add support and structural integrity. Perforated EVA tongue is also present which allows for light weight comfort and breathability. The insoles are anatomically moulded EVA which is designed for comfort. Lastly, the shoe has an adiwear outsole for best durability in high wear areas.  

 Therse are just running shoes; yet, mi adidas is also offering shoes for basketball and soccer. 

The mi adidas software is only available at the adidas flagship store in Greenbelt 3 Mall. Upon utilizing the software, one has to wait for 21 days for processing.

Adidas strictly values quality so customers are assured that their shoes are at their top forms when delivered, definitely worth the wait. Awesome!!!

For more information about mi adidas, visit http://www.miadidas.com/ 


9 thoughts on “MI COLOR, MI STYLE, MI ADIDAS

  1. Great post man! I am an Adidas Supernova Sequence user too! It is nice to know that Adidas is now offering customized shoes.

  2. argo, i’ve had my supernova sequence since december of last year, and true enought it has been a very reliable shoe. it has helped me survive my 10Ks (although 2 lang sila wahahaha) and also, trail runs such as the montalban and maragondon adventures natin. it would be a nice shoe for you to have again when you use your discount (tama ba? from the KOTR reg?)

    with regards to the adizero ace, i haven’t had the pleasure of trying them on, pero since its lighter, im sure it will give you a faster finish time 😉

    with the microbounce naman, i highly discourage you to use it for serious running. medyo mabigat ang bounce technology. it may look cool because of the bounce thingy, pero because its super dense rubber, bumibigat sha 🙂 AND since ang feet mo needs support, these are not for you 🙂 kasi wala shang medial support (ano daw? walang support sa inner part nung shoes, as compared to the supernova sequence) how do i know? because i myself have a pair for adidas megabounce+ (ung unang unang shoes nila na may bounce technology for running).

    if i were you, try mo din yung supernova sequence2, it’s the upgraded version of the sequence. malamang they’d improve on the great supernova sequence making it more okay for running 🙂

    one last thing.

    i’ve heard (and read from websites/running magazines) that its better to train heavy, race light 🙂 given that, i think you should also invest in race day shoes 🙂 matagal naman pa ang buhay ng supernova sequence eh 🙂 tignan mo ung akin, buhay ba til now 🙂

    GO GO GO!

    serious thoughts from the kenkoy runner

  3. that’s some pretty stuff… unfortunately, i never did like the choice of models. btw, adidas has been offering the mi-adidas as eary as early last year in the trinoma adidas store. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sir Bigfoot, Marvin and Chu for your comments.
      Same tayo bigfoot, both of us are using supernova sequence and I am loving it too.
      Marvin, di pa ako bumibili pero gagawin kong gift ito sa sarili ko… hehe!
      Chu, will consider your thought. thank you!

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