Outwit, Outrun, Outlast: Subic International Marathon

By Perseverance the snail reached the ark…

An Instrument of God for giving me the oppotunity to be strong...
An Instrument of God for giving me the oppotunity to be strong...
I was actually excited by the fact that I am running my first official marathon.  I’ve been asking my collegues about this to go or not to go but almost everyone gave their support.  They believed in me; however,  I guess the kind words of support could also not be possible without my believing in myself that I can…

I started training with a few weeks I had; 20+Km at least 2 or 3 times a week including the Sunday 21K races I’ve joined.   I got sick a week prior to the event but recovered so the last week a totally a week without training so as not to strain myself.

I’m ready… that’s what I believed.

That I can conquer the race at 5hours 30min.

I was full of passion and excitement the night before and even on the day of the race.  Arriving at the place, I thought everything would turn out right.  Imagine a very good weather and night running would be just fine…  a very good weather and night running would be just fine…  a very good weather and night ru….

But then, I was wrong… (Comes in a scary background song)

I was performing good at my first Kilometers…  Steady, my run walk strategy worked.  It was 1 minute walk and few minutes of running in a pace probably not better than 6km/min. (nahh, it’s just a wild guess though)

The Catastrophe I Feared About:

3rd water station: I asked for water and told us they have none. No way!  No water at the 3rd Km?  This started to scare me because of the thought that what if the 4th station doesn’t have water, yet I was willful and luckily I got a refill of my hydration flasks.

5th water station: A guy gave me a bottle of water that could fill my flask partially and still thankful that I have outwitted the other runners who doesn’t have a hydration belt.

6th water station: They have gallons full of water and Pocari water.  I was totally rejuvenated by that and completely refilled my flasks… I guess that’s the last visible station I saw.

Darkness…  We were all running in the dark…  There were parts were in we could only rely on the lights of the vehicles on the other side of the road but then, after they pass, it was a total darkness.

Annoying: Water station without water.

I am almost running out of water at a distance I am not totally aware of, since the race doesn’t have a Km Marker (I don’t have a GARMIN yet) I was really threatened about the thought of it; I started to question my own ability… my own strength…  because I know that I haven’t really trained myself in a race without water.

At last I saw a water station… but wait a minute; no runner is around him for water.  So I ask the guy  if he still has some (though I already know the answer) until I hear the NO word from him.  I was totally a disaster.  I feel anger already at that point but decided to be calm… but at the back of my mind, I REALLY WANT TO TOPPLE THE TABLE!

My Angels

Little things that could touched you...
Little things that could touched you...

I decided to run at the right side of the road thinking that my friends could help me. I texted Ellen on my situation…  I was already walking at that moment when I heard someone called me.  IT WAS THEM! The moment Carina neared me, I sobbed at her informing about the situation and that I want to stop…  Carina told me that I’m already near (though I’m really not) and gave me a boost that I can.  Ellen eventually paced me after a few Kilometers.  Hydration came before the toll gate and it all came from the GOOD SAMARITANS.  I believe they were the Elite runners.  Then came the real water station before the toll gate of SCTEX.

Down to the Last 8km

I couldn’t really have made it without their support… I t was really awesome seeing them that I could almost cry again.  They even have this banner saying GOW ARGOW!!! that made me laugh and at the same time touched by their wit to encourage us.  I went back to the road after a few minutes to end my mission.  Ellen decided to move forward and to look for his friend ahead of us so I again ran alone.  Good thing that I already have strength to run till that the last few kilometres.

Finish Line Photo (Nao's album)
Finish Line Photo (Nao's album)

The finish line…

Oh no!  I’m already here.  I couldn’t really imagine that I have done it!  A number of takbo.ph friends were there to support us and to give us a final boost.  I sprinted the last few meters to the finish line and realized that my finished was 5hour40min.  I shouted for joy for the fact that I was really close to my target.  I was totally overwhelmed!

The overwhelming finish. (photo by Carrey Reyno)

The marathon is indeed to me more of a survival… I’m really grateful about this wonderful experience; I believe that God gave me the opportunity to become strong at those times because he also believes in me; that I already have strength waiting be unleashed.  The marathon is just the instrument he created.

I am also grateful for God gave me friends who I could really rely on in these times…  I am proud finishing the marathon… but I am prouder for having friends like them.


52 thoughts on “Outwit, Outrun, Outlast: Subic International Marathon

  1. Nice one Argow!!! Kahit madilim at walang tubig, i have no doubts that you’ll be able to cross the finish line close to your target. Mabuhay ka Argow! lol

  2. where is the glory of succeeding without undergoing trials?
    your finish was made sweeter by the tears and frustrations di ba? you prevailed despite it all, and that says something about you. be proud argo! 🙂
    again, a big congratulations!

  3. Cool. Congrats Argow!!! Ang galing-galing. Panalo ka talaga. Sabi mo nga mahaba pasensya mo eh hindi ka madaling magalit hehe. Ayan kahit walang tubig eh chillax pa din hehe you continued and finished your target time. Oh well, keep it up! =]

  4. Argow, we couldn’t believe at first when you were tearing up, we thought you were playing us. It was real! In retrospect, going though the duress that you did, it made sense though. We are so proud of you, and happy to have been there to help out in any way we could during your time of need 🙂 Marathoner Argow wohoo!

  5. Nelo, thanks man for believing i can.

    Pepsi you guys were there for me when I really need you most. Iba talaga.. Grabe…

    Shel, napaiyak na lang ako kasi sama ng loob… lol salamat pa rin!

    Luis, The group gave me a real encouragement to… banner, food! Tinodo nyo and support!

    Emil – pano mo ako nakita at that distance? nasa kalagitnaan yun ng race ah? hehe!

  6. Congrats Rodel on your first 42KM. Yes, we really have true friends at Takbo.ph. And by the way, your time was pretty good despite the factors.

  7. @argo- were on are way back home I was with chellet23. I wasn’t able to take the photo because my external flash didn’t popped.. whaa!!

    I shouted GO ARGOW!!! like I LOVE YOU PIOLO!!! haha it was just a few KM after the tunnel.. remember? ^^

  8. wow argo! ang galing… alam mo when u where approaching the finish line personally sobrang nagulat talaga ako but then ur argo!! gagawin mo ang lahat hahahaha!

    im so proud of you my friend! congratulations!

  9. marathoner argow! we’re so proud of you! 🙂 i knew you could do it. with friends like the peeps from takbo.ph, you know that you can conquer it all. i had no doubt that they will provide you the support, the “nudge”, the mild “push”, the prayers to enable you to finish this race. it’s also great that you realize that God gave you the strength and energy to attain your goal. your heart is in the right place, you can never go wrong 🙂

  10. Congrats, Rodel! 🙂
    I thought you were kidding when you said that you were about to cry. It wasn’t just a marathon you conquered–it was an outdoor challenge. You did great!

    And oh, on another note, that banner of yours was my favorite piece at art class with Teacher Carmen. 😀

  11. congrats for finishing the race no matter what challenges you have encountered along the way! it takes a brave warrior to do what you have accomplished. good luck on your next marathon races!

  12. I already told you how I feel about this whole thing…and I think you know, like a gloating kapatid, how proud I am of you. Congrats again!


  13. Naiiyak ako Argo !!! huwaaaaa..
    Nadarama ko and nadarama mong kasiyahan, seryoso natutuwa ako at nagagalak..:)

    On a totally serious note Argz.. you did great.
    You’re not just the wacky macho dancer guy, sorry, I meant wacky muscle lover guy, but your also a runner who knows how to strive, reach and embrace his goals 🙂

    Keep the medals coming but make your run always safe .. 🙂

  14. Dude,

    Ayos na !!! CONGRATS!!!! =)

    frst marathon 5:40 galing !!!!

    Congrats Dude(ayaw mo ng sir eh) dude na lang


    God bless


  15. Quo vadis, lonely wayfarer?

    In the total darkness,
    We find the truth.

    (complete poem on Cess’ FB wall. haha)

    Sincerest congratulations and mazel tov!

  16. GOW ARGOW! That was Tracy’s best artwork for the day! hahaha. As in career yan!

    So proud of you,*sniff.

    You ran your first FULL Marathon in the worse of circumstances: no water, in pitch darkness, no race marshalls, and yet you conquered it. Not a lot of people can say that. You will forever remember this day. Be proud. We are.:)

  17. rodel, i’m so proud of you…as in! luvyah! nalimutan mo ang kantahan moments. when i reached you, i really don’t know what to say. what does a pacer do on this kind of race? super dilim and no water.. I can only reach you through music. Tagalog songs are a killer.nahirapan ako sa mga requests mo…fave ko yung “iisa lang ang ating lahi, iisa lang ang ating lipi..”

  18. Rodel, you did better than Jason and his Argonauts. You navigated a dark, lonely road with very little hydration to get the Golden Fleece you sought. Congratulations! We are all proud of you!

  19. argow, sabi ko sayo nung umpisa pa lang, eh gago ka 🙂 wahahaha gago ka kasi ayaw mo magtiwala sa sarili mo 🙂 (well, tiwala ka kaya ka nga tumuloy diba?) kaya lang alam naming mahirap ang tinahak nyong distansya (pero nag 48K ka na dati eh, so anong bago dun diba? wahahaha)

    basta, sabi ni jollibee, kaya mo yan kid!
    sabi ni nike, just do it (and you did!)
    sabi ni adidas, impossible is nothing (and yeah you did it faster than what you expected.)
    sabi ni new balance, love and hate (you love running but hated the super panget circustances but you prevailed.)
    lastly, sabi ni mizuno, never settle (kaya ang tanong eh kelan ang susunod?!)

    woot woot bro!

    proud of you! ayot? APIR!

  20. maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!!! I am really overwhelmed even in your words!
    Yes Vener, this is just a part of the Golden Fleee.
    Timmy – waheheh! Ang kulit, gago nga talaga ako! lol!
    Rico, yup Thanks again!
    Marga – Touched talaga ako sa banner
    Doc Art – Thanks for everything as in!
    Sir Amada – really looking forward for more to come…
    Marvin, Sir Rene – Thanks a lot!
    Lorie – Para sa inyo ang race na ito! hehe!
    Ellen – Level ka talaga! Astig!!!
    Lauren – thank you sa lahat ng encouragement even before the race.
    Marky, Rona, Cess, KuyaKim, Ace, King of Pots- Salamat muli!!!
    Tracy – Galing ng banner nyo… gave me strength when I was weak
    Gail, Carlo, Neil… Thanks! Next time kayo naman!

    Till the next marathon

  21. Congrats, Marathoner!
    Good job on your first full 42k. Hope to run with you in one of your future full marathons.
    Gow Argow!!!

  22. Congrats Argo! I have this feeling this was the best “initiation” for the Full Marathon virgins! This would probably be the most difficult one ever! The experience gained from this one would help with conquering the next challenges ahead.

    It wasn’t just a race to the finish… it was to finish the race.

  23. Congrats tsong! gusto ko rin itaob yung mesa nung isang water station at baklasin yung mga paa..Hehehe!

    Tama sila…di malilimutan yung bawat Km na lumipas pati na yung mga iniisip mo nung mga panahon na yun..

  24. Hey Argo! good job! its inspiring to see how you pulled it off.. hats off to your will power.. and of course to your friends who supported you! Good team!

    Now time to reward yourself! More power to you!

  25. I was once asked “kaya na kaya ni Argo?”
    “siguro” I replied. that’s why we will run it
    To see if we can.

    Trainings came. Run. Swim. Run.Swim.
    Words of wisdom poured along the lonely
    Road less travelled. We know. Kse tyo
    Lang tumatakbo sa DH ng ganun kainit.
    Remember? But we played it cool. We had
    Pictures as proofs of our endurance. Matagal
    na trainings din yun!

    maybe this is a opportunity for me to
    thank you for alot of reasons:
    1. For signing me up to register a night
    before my birthday! You made it!!!
    2. For the consistent updates if I was
    Ok to join you, coz I was sick then
    3. For being an inspiration, that true
    Friends are easy to find if only we allow them
    to…no hidden agendas. I’m proud of you.
    4. For the hugs when we saw each other
    near the finishline. Yes, I ran. I came to
    make a difference too! Because of you…

    I know myself more because of so many
    circumstances in life. This marathon helped
    me to strengthen my character. Empowered
    Me to go further.

    Thanks so much. Congrts Argo!
    You made a difference. Winner!

  26. rodel!!!

    few weeks ago, nagtatanong tanong ka pa kung tatakbo ka ng 1st marathon mo…………………

    at ngayon, you’re preparing for the second..

    galing talaga..

    congrats argo!!! 😀

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