The Quest for the Golden Fleece (Philippine International Marathon 1st blast)

With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable. – thomas buxton

I ran for Pasig River!
Photo Credit: Doc Marv

It was Athena the Godess of Wisdom and Eros the god of love and passion who strained me to join the Philippine International Marathon. I was on my slumber the night after the Subic International Marathon when the gods visited me. Athena had informed me that I was cheated in the last race. Poseidon the god of water intentionally sabotaged the race for he loathed Subic so much for an unknown reason. He had instructed Apollo the god of light to remove all the light as he much as he could that night to ensure that all men will really suffer that night. I couldn’t argue with the goddess… She must be telling right, but it was Eros who done it all. He pointed his bow and arrow on me and streaked me with it and my passion for marathon once again came alive.

Yes, I, once again joined the marathon in my attempt to search the Golden Fleece. I am anxious thinking that I might not be able to conquer it because Helios, the sun-god will be there to scorch the land. Zephyr the west wind for sure would not be able to stay long because he has no match against the sun-god. Days passed with anxiety… but the day before the race. Ares the god of war and Hermes the god of swift visited me while I was busy getting my bread and butter. Ares gave me one of his leggings marked as transition one and a visor marked as Milo. Then Hermes lent me his winged shoes; and so the argonaut gained his courage….

photo credit: gerard cinco

The day came… Men and Women from different walks of life were there. That day I have also seen the other Argonauts. Topher the man blessed by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Pojie, the man blessed by Athena’s wisdom. Dennis blessed by Poseidon because he never ran out water. Gab the man enlightened by Vulcan the god of fire. All of us were gathered there for a common goal… to battle against our greatest enemy which is Fear and to get the Golden Fleece.

 The race started and all of us soared from Km 0 with passion and conviction. I ran alongside with Gab that moment and realized that Pojie and Dennis were with us. Dennis declared that he will be pacing us achieving a 5 hour goal. I was delighted by his proposition and so I agreed.

Kilometers passed until James that we saw from afar declared that he could no longer moved on because he was struck by Zeus lightning bolt in his knees giving him an ITB… and so the four of us moved on.

Upon doing a steady pace, we were able to see Topher and eventually decided to pace with us. Along the road, Team Logan who was doing a relay overtook us. They must have been blessed indeed by all of the gods…

to be continued…


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