The Quest for the Golden Fleece (PIM, 2nd blast)


The five of us are still together… Even Rod.Runner joined us in our quest… Then, the group suddenly broke at Km 21.  We are still trying to pace with the Team Logan group but I guess we have no match for them.  It was hard for us to maintain a pace with them for new legs came in every 2Kms.  Dennis, who’s the strongest in our group keep the pace with the Logans… I decided to slow down for I still want to spare a couple of strength for myself.

On the road I encountered Hades 1st terror.  It was the wheeled creature with flies (garbage truck).  Imagine pacing with that kind of creature is definitely hard big time!  I suddenly thought of increasing my speed then in order for me to stay away from it…  I overcame at it and eventually take a deep breath of relief.  I was already alone then… I can see the Logans from afar but they were definitely unreachable as Zeus the lightning good keep throwing his bolts of lightning to me… and that made me even more tired as I try to move away from it.  I saw a couple of running friends along the road who were already stuck by his lightning but still try to proceed.  It was remarkable seeing their passion to finish the race.

Tik-tak-tik-tak… The beat of my watch matches with the beat of my heart and my footsteps… I keep on praying to my real God to give mo more opportunity to become strong.  Helios is now showing his full strength as I can already feel the heat making it hard for me to move… Good thing there were pixies at different stations giving us proper hydration.  Also, Pegasus the winged horse was up above with Bellerophon manning the whole event making sure that everyone is safe. 

mccoy for the support
Mcoy for the Support!

Km 33.  That the time I could almost gave up, and yet all of a sudden, I saw the Nymphs and the demi-gods cheering for me.  One of the Nymphs named Marga gave a banana and offered me ambrosia.  All of their chants indeed bestowed me a boost.  Last 7Km… Last 6Km… The effect of the ambrosia seemed to be very limited… Aaaaaaahhhh! It was Zeus last lightning bolt hit me big time giving me pain in my both calves.  Helios also shone so bright that I could almost not proceed.  It was already giving me a head ache.  I tried to do a run-walk strategy… I am still fighting for it albeit the circumstances.  Not to mention that I am already getting drowsy for I only took 2 hours of catnap the night before. 

Last 5Km… Charon, the boatman of the dead waved at me near the bay… He was already ordering me to take the boat and leave… I was already hypnotized but eventually came back to my senses when I saw the team Logan again from afar!  It was another boost to pursue… Last 4Km, 3Km… I can now see the Golden Fleece… Hermes again showed up and whisphered at me to move faster as it will go away at 9:30AM. I tried my best in the last 2Km, but the clock chimed the 5hour cut off when I was at the last Km…The Golden Fleece that I am seeing from a distance vanished right Thanks Tim!before my eyes…  I hated myself at that point… Asking myself how couldn’t I try and push myself even more? I saw Prince the zestful Argonaut before the finish line…Both of us decided to walk. Muse of Comedy Thalia (Lorie) was there to cheer us up in our last stretch.  Both of us ended at 5hours 13min. I saw the other Argonauts in the finish line…  The team Logan all happy about their successful Marathon Relay.  Marvin another man blessed by Hippocrates and Timmy, the man blessed by the god of commerce (which is also Hermes) told me that my time will be the new yardstick for their first marathon or probably even better.  I know it will be hard but achievable.  5:13:00 that is…

I was happy but not euphoric for I did not beat the cut off time.  Hermes tapped me at my back and said that I have done a good job and flew back up in the sky to go back to Olympus.  Ares, Cupid and Athena were there too and disappeared right before my eyes after congratulating me.  Hades turned his back as he was not able to defeat me… Zeus also amazed at my performance and determination despite of what he has done… The Golden Fleece will still be there and my quest for it will continue and the epic of the Argonaut will move on…

Finish Line Pic by Doc Marvin

P.S. Thanks for the pictures: Vener, Gerard and Marvin


11 thoughts on “The Quest for the Golden Fleece (PIM, 2nd blast)

  1. Atin-Athena lang yung joke na to.Kaya ka nagkaroon ng Per-sipon (Persephone). Punta agad sa Mercury (i know it’s not Greek, it’s Roman, but it fits..).

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