Better Time at Timex

Argonaut and the Finisher Medal by Emil Ancheta
Argonaut and the Finisher Medal by Emil Ancheta

Another race with a timing Chip so I really don’t need to worry hurrying at the starting position. Friends and running buddies were a lot! Mike running his 1st 21K was supported by RJ and Neil; Margaher 2nd by Marky-Mark and Me, Dennis and Pojie to pace Carol on her first.

All of us ran smoothly on the road. The race started early like 5:15AM so I’m sure that we won’t need to worry again about the scorching heat of the sun at 7AM or 8AM. I was really amazed that I am part of the team who’s pacing Carol; honestly, I am afraid of the thought of pacing her because I never doubted her strength right from the very start. She’s just an awesome and strong and I am just anxious about the thought that I might end being the once who’s being paced.

Come, Km5, Km10… Everything still seems to be normal as if we are just doing an easy run. I told Dennis that I am tired and getting lazy at Km13. I even told them that I want to stop for a while but Pojie and Dennis remind me I shouldn’t and so I moved on…

Dashing Argonaut; whatever that means... lol!Going inside the Heritage was fun too! Nice air breeze and all. Saw Ijose from behind taking walk breaks at each water stations. Last time I was with him was last Milo Finals in 21K last October.  Rodalyn Tañada one of girls was also running her first 21K. Oh, she was definitely remarkable!

Km15. I can still push myself. At that point I can see now that the group is still strong so I decided to move forward. Km18, I decided to do a bit of a walk break, to just at least relax… Haha! What a lazy boy I am; however, upon seeing Zinnia (Z), I got back to my senses and decided to run again. Km20, Carina roaming around from different KM markers gave a cheer and that gave me enough strength to the finish line.

The Pacers... but where is the Carol? lol!

Awesome race, for I have improved my time for more than a minute or two. Gun Time at 2:20:13 and Net Time at 2:18:52. It was an improvement from my previous PR in Ecodash which is 2:21:40. Grabbed a Medal a finisher shirt and freebies afterwards.

Carol on the other hand finished her first Half-Mary at 2:22-ish. Which I believe, she could do better next time. At the finish-line, we waited for more buddies to come… the Master Trio Neil, RJ and Mike with Rosel, and Marky-Mark with Marga followed by DocArt and Cess.

Not Another photo ops!
Not Another photo ops!

Another race… Another achievement… Another to beat my Better Time at Timex…

Not Another Post Race Photo ops!

Thanks Brando  Losaria aka Ace Balasador and to Emil Ancheta aka Decipher for the Pics!!!

Race Results and Photovendo Pix


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