I am Fit ‘n Right at the Fit ‘n Right Fun Run

Just Fight!

Proud to be at the Finish LineIt has been 6 months since I joined a 10K race.  The Southern Run in Alabang was indeed a great opportunity for me to improve my Personal Record which is 1:08:XX.  After that, I joined races more than 10K.

IE8, 8mi, Men’s Health All Terrain Race, 15Km Mizuno Infinity Run, 15Km.  There was even a month where I joined almost all the 21Km races; three Milo Marathons (Elimination in Manila, San Pablo and the Finals). I joined Globe Run for Home, Ecodash, RotaRun and even joined a Full Marathon in Subic and The Philippine International Marathon. 

Now, since it’s been a long time, I decided to go back to 10K once again in order to see myself at a shorter distance.  I am in fact eyeing for a Sub-60 (10K in less than 60 min).  Without vacillation, I signed up for Fit n Right Fun Run. Mall of Asia Grounds would be a perfect place for a new PR (Personal Record) because it’s a flat surface.  Yes, the route could be boring since it’s a double loop but I find it a good thing because at least I could at the same time have a PR for my 5K.

Arriving at the location, I was astonished at the number of folks who joined; despite of what happened in race kit redemption, the event was still jam-packed, but what really flabbergasted me was the fact that the Kenyans were still here.  It’s been weeks now since the last international marathons. Sigh,  I hope I can still have a chance against them… I hope our elite runners could still stand a chance against them…

The 1st Loop

Bang! Did I hear it right??? The race has just started without even counting and telling us? While there were still instructors performing their exercise? Oh, well, maybe I should go now with the flow.  I ran as fast as I could. Yes! Positive split.  No water breaks (Okay I drank at the 2nd and 3rd station), No walk breaks… Ran the best as I could but my right leg started to restrict me from running at the 4th Km.  I decided to ignore it and just slow down for a bit until it went away. At this pace, Anthony Pangilinan and Jamie the Bull Runner outran me eventually. I tried to catch up with the latter but it seems that I still have no match against her.  At the 5Km mark my 5Km timed at 26:XX minutes in their clock; a new PR for me.

What happened at the 2nd loop?

I know I still have the energy and decided to move on.  Ulk! Oh no!  There were no more cups in the water station; I just decided to go ahead and don’t bother.  6thKm… No more water… 7th… Not a chance. 8th I was dehydrated… 9th Km… nope… Last Km, I gave all my best and realized that I just finished the race in 53:40. Its unofficial though, but I glad slashing 15minutes from my previous PR. 

Despite of the mishaps of the event , I still consider this race an eventful one for me. Even though I did not see my name in the Finisher’s list, I know that I have done my best and fulfilled my dreams.

Next Race… Probably a sub50!

My Coworkers who attended the event
Post Race Picture with Takbo.ph Regulars and Newbies
Post Breakfast Picture with Jackie of Del Monte

9 thoughts on “I am Fit ‘n Right at the Fit ‘n Right Fun Run

  1. Hi Argonaut! Congrats on your new PR! It was nice of you to just focus on the positive side of your run. It was nice to see you guys there at the race.

    I recently conducted a TRX training course for TBR, Secondwind, Pinoy Ultramarathon, and a bunch of other runners. I also conducted a mini-lecture on strength training and conditioning for runners. Maybe one day you and everyone else in your group can join us 🙂

    Btw, your bfast pic is with Jackie of Del Monte : )

    Congrats again and more power!

    Coach Jim

  2. How do I get to meet takbo.ph fellas? 🙂 I’m on takbo.ph site but .. err.. I’d love to meet people!! 🙂


    1. Hello Chefsy, I would suggest you to go direcrtory and blogs, there is a shout box where in you could talk with us live!!! Then from there we get to know each other and train together most of the time. Join us!

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