The Wrath of Morpheus (Rizal Day Run)

Because, I challenged a god…

Upon learning that BaldRunner will organize a running event on Dec 30, without a second doubt, I signed up for the race.

My 2nd great bib: I don't look excited right?

I was busy fixing for my bread and butter the night before the race and rested for just a little over an hour. I know it will be hard for me, but because I am decided that I need this race, I challenge Morpheus the God of Slumber.  A number of argonauts has already forewarned me that what I’m going to do is risky and could have an ill effect on me… But I was as stubborn as hell!

Baldrunner himself as we are welcomed in the race. (photo by Brando Losaria)

Drowsy, I arrived at the site with Marvin’s chariot.  Clicked my 2nd great bib on and had a little ritual.  It’s good to see again my running friends who were all eager as well in this race as part of their training for the upcoming marathon.

At my 1st loop

Bang! The race had begun!  Selene was still around for a couple of minutes and so everything was dark.  I heard one of the Argonauts fell from his knees not realizing the path along his way.

I could say that I’m not really on my speed at the start.  I don’t want to push it much because I still have a long race to go. I bet that Hades the god of the underworld is just around and so with his minions that are looking for someone to prey.  4 loops and a quarter is what we would need to cover. 

First loop, I could still go on, though I am already feeling anxiety.  My eyes are heavy like it has weights on it.  On my second loop, I paced with Sean Williams my godfather in running.  I paced with him for a couple of kilometers.  Then, Rod joined us for a couple of minutes before I gave up with them. I can now really feel it.  I am getting sleepier and sleepier as I move and my legs are getting heavier. On my third loop, I was already with Gab who caught up with me.  We were discussing the Team BongZ were just behind us and we shouldn’t give up for they will definitely outrun us if we did. He was telling:



Gab: Nasa likod lang sila BongZ!

“Gusto ko na maglakad, pero ayoko, nasa likod lang sila… Lagot tayo r’on. (I want to walk, but I don’t want to, they’re just behind us)”.


Gab eventually left me at Kilometer 24; the point where I stopped to walk.  I guess that’s where I hit my wall.  I already felt nauseous seeming that the god of slumber’s venom is already tiring my whole body.   Last Km…  I was running with Mylene, an ultrarunner.  I don’t know what’s on my mind but I told her that I might not be able to finish the race.  I suddenly stopped and she immediately grabbed my hand and said:

“Wag kang bumaksak rito, hindi kita kaya, Ang laki mo eh! (Don’t give up here, you’re too big for me to carry).”



I could almost laugh after she said that.  I told her that I will still try to go on.  Before I reach the finish line, Ellen and team BongZ were already at my back.  Ellen was shouting at me not to stop and so I did. 

My Finisher Medal with the Baldie!

At the finish line, after grabbing a medal (I didn’t even know what BR told me, Oh, well, I think he’s congratulating me…) I immediately sat to rest.  Sam game me something to drink (but not the beer, lol) and someone handed me an ice cream.  I did not make it to the boodle fight though but it’s ok. It was still a great race.  Morpheus really scared me there but I was able to finish on time I planned at 3:14:57.

I swear, I don't want to stand after the race! lol!

Lesson learned was to sleep before a long race for the god of slumber wouldn’t have second thoughts of casting his venom on you.  He’s one hell of a dangerous deity.  Respect your path, respect your body…

Thank you to my inspirations in this race; Team BongZ and Team CB!

Race Results at BaldRunner’s Site

Don't be deceived by this team; The Team BZ

Thanks to Brando for the pictures:

His Set:

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

The Girls of

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of; the hell with sugar and spice.
Bethany Hamilton

Watch out!  These girls are exceptional, Don’t you ever think their clumsy and all. Don’t even be deceived by their looks for they'll definitely kick your ass out!  One of them had done an Ultra, Two had done a full marathon and few of them ran a couple of half marathons! Some of them had already stepped in the podium for their exceptional speed in running. Some of them are just starting out but they are all dreaming of becoming a marathoner and even a tri-athlete someday.  A Teacher, an Editor, Dancer, Doctor, Model, Engineer, Manager, Accountant, Housewife are their proffesions, yet they were all united by a common passion for running… They are the Girls of!

PS, Thanks also to Brando and Carlo for grabbing some of your pictures!

The Hills Were Alive at the Sound of Celebrity Run

New PR. Photo by Marvin Opulencia
New PR

I arrived at Bonifacio High at around 4Am thinking that the race would start at 5AM, paranoid of getting late for the 21Km Race. Surprisingly, upon seeing the almost barren appearance of it, I concluded that it won’t happen at my expected hour.  Come 5:30 but still the race hasn’t started though they were quick in setting it up and everything was ready. I’ve been with the rest of the group and discussing about our goal for that day. I said I’m just aiming for 2:10 but seriously, I aiming higher than that… Crazy but I’m now aiming for sub-2 due to my previous weight loss of 12 lbs which I think could help me in getting more speed.   

I was totally trained...

Five-Forty, and the race started.  My first three kilometers was a blast for I would think I am doing faster that 5min/km pace.  I’ve been with Luis, Pat, Sam at that point and can see fast runners like El Kyoshi and Tigerboy.   I decided to give up before reaching the fourth Km and decided to take it a bit slower. 

I would believe I reached the 10th Km mark at 53 min; yet, I think there’s already something going fishy at the markers.  I glanced at my watch as soon as I saw the much awaited marker and I was surprised to see that it’s already at 58 min! The markers have really gone mad!  Bryan has informed me that it was over by 500meters before he left.  

With Carlo, Bryan and Pat before the race
With Carlo, Bryan and Pat

I just ignored the whole thing thinking that it might be adjusted at the succeeding kilometers, but it didn’t happen. I am really trying to push my self thinking that I am already late from my real target. 

McKinley… That’s where my agony started.  I’ve got a chaffing arms already (I might have not applied enough petroleum jelly) but I still tried my best.  The hills of McKinley reminded me of Corregidor and told myself that this is not even half of it so I should endure.  Mark Hernandez was already behind me at this point and begun catching up with me.  I told myself that I should hang out with him else the desired PR would all be gone. 

Two Hours has just passed and we were still running, the route must have been really longer that expected.  After finishing the race at 2:10, I was immediately informed that the route was 1.2 Km over.  What??? That long? How could that be?  Oh well, enough of ranting, at least I have improved my PR by almost 9 min (Timex Net Time 2:18:52).

Exhaustion, that’s all I can feel at that time… I was so tired and I was still panting even after 20 minutes had passed.  It must have been really hard route after all!  Oh what a day!

I had a blast with these guys...

Thank you Marvin Opulencia for the pictures

Makiling the Enchanted

Legends could possibly true… or maybe not.

I daresay that going for a dayhike in this place is not a waste of time. Tall trees and diverse species of plants are what you can see. Along the road you could contemplate about everything. It was long but relaxing. Feels like you were walking in a place were autumn really exists.


Diversity of Life


me and the gabi plant at the back

My friends trying to go up

Reaching at the summit ma be really fulfulling.

And of course rewarding!

As what most hiker-mountaineer always remind us, we should always be careful when going in for a hike. The Makiling experience I had was the weirdest I guess due to my colleague experience where in she got lost and felt like she was in a Morbius Stip. Eventually she just came back to her senses when she called our name outloud. Hoah! I hope she’s not drugged… lol!

There has been legends about the mountain… that it was being guarded by a fairy named Maria Makiling. It could be true or could be not; whatever it is, what we could always do on our end is just to learn to appreciate it’s beauty and share it to people and at the same time protecting it so that the next generation could still have a look at this wonderful place.

more of makiling here

Dare to be Fit ‘n Right Blogging Contest Acceptance Speech



“The role of the first runner up is very important, in the occasion that if the Best Blogger did not fulfill his duty, the first runner up will take place.”

No, there are no cheesy words like that in the awarding of the mentioned contest, but yes, I am the 1st runner up…

Still the 1st loser... hahaha!

There’s a lot to be thank in this achievement.  Yes, this may be a small thing for most people but for me this is a full-size leap. I actually would have never thought that I can actually win 2nd place in Del Monte’s Fit ‘n Right Blogging Contest. 

First, I would like to thank of course Del Monte for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the event; to Dennis Ravanzo for taking a video of me during that time when I dared to take Jim Sarret’s challenge.  My family and friends who supported me, despite of pulling everyone’s hair just to get a ballot, the impact of your vote for me that reach more than a hundred and forty  had really brought me to the top 10.  It was undeniably remarkable. 

I thank Cherry for dropping me in the event.  It was always fun chatting with you and Lorie.

Most of all, I thank Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to show to that I could somehow write and express myself and the opportunity to be brave enough to tell the world that I am fit n right!

 ‘Till your next dare…

Oops, by the way, I forgot to say, I lost 12 lbs… (As if it matters)

Manila to Tagaytay by Foot… Again

Try and try until you succeed! 

With the Self Proclaimed Tagaytay Finisher Medal

A couple of weeks ago, set-up an LSD from Km0 to Tagaytay; I joined the group back then but only from Km 24 to Km 49 due to some personal reasons.

Last Sunday, they formed another group again and I was not able to come due to the Corregidor Race.

Monday… Ronald declared that he will be running from Km0 to Tagaytay as a form of his birthday celebration at a very wee hours of Thursday. I hesitated for a bit but decided to join them after realizing that the need for me to train is essential.

I was late so I just joined the group before 2AM in Coastal Mall. it was at Km 7.5 as stated by Ronald’s Garmin.We passed through Paranaque, then to Las Pinas until we arrived in Bacoor, Cavite and followed the whole Aguinaldo highway route.  It was not really conjusive at that time due to pollution (Anyway, I dont want to whine about it…)

7-11 Pitstop near SM Bacoor

Arrived in Dasmarinas at 5:30AM. It was at Km 31.  At that point I already feel sore.  I encountered chaffing in my legs and it was not really a good thing.  I put on more petroleum jelly but it seems that it was too late already.  Silly me for not wearing the proper gear because I am conscious on getting too much attention when we run.  I have learned my lesson that I should worry first on myself first than to anyone else so as not to get myself hurt. 

Km 50.  I got a little light-headed due to heat because it’s already passed 9Am.  I decided to walk more than to run so as not to strain myself. 

Group pic as we approach Tagaytay

Km 56.  That’s the terminal point.  It was really exhausting but fullfilling.  I am glad that I have joined the group for I have bonded with them and got to listen in their ultramarathon stories. 

Km7.5 – Km56. 48.5 Km. Buying drinks and food for the whole event could cause you around 300Php or more.  8 – 10 hours of non stop running and depriving yourself of sleep is crazy… but finishing the whole stretch is Priceless!


Ninoy Aquino Statue in Olivarez, Tagaytay


More of our adventures at Ronald’s Site

Corregidor is to Check!

What goes up must come down… That’s the law of Physics

Conquered Corregidor!

I have no idea but this race without a doubt excites me right from the start.  I have been hearing rumors about the difficulty of the race itself but I seemed to ignore.  Aiming for a good number (my own definition) in the finish line is what I’m really after for on my first 10-mile race. 

Gathering in the mouth of Malinta Tunnel, I am amazed that the small group of runners looked as if to be a number.  Despite of the late start of the event, everyone was so eager and energized. There were a couple of chitchats from different corners, laughing, picture taking. Oh what an ideal race to start! 

The usual sound exploded and everyone mad dashed towards the other end of the passageway!  Oh boy it was crazy! The zephyr entertained us from the start where the chilly wind smacking right to your face and I am still that confident chap running more than my usual pace… but not after the first mile… 

The runners waiting for the gunshot

Freak! Heavens! That’s what I whispered after seeing the first great hill.  My jaw dropped after seeing a couple of runners that were ahead of me begun to walk. It was not a joke… I would assume it would be more than forty-five degrees…  I did my best.  Tried squatting and at the same time running.  I managed the first half of it but eventually gave up when I felt that fighting against gravity is unattainable for me at present.  My bow to myself not to walk at my first 5Km vanished.  

See how steep the slope is?

After the first hill would be another hill, yet afterwards, we met the 1st turn around point.  We would need to get back from that great hill meaning that it will be nothing but going downhill.  If going up was hard, going down was even harder because I was like driving without breaks. I feel hesitant at that speed at first for the fear that I might get injured, but I eventually managed.  

Long hill was that next and then of course the downhill that increased my momentum. The noteworthy landmarks of the island was seen; the ruins, the Battery Way, Battery Grubbs, The Pacific War Memorial and others.  We even had a taste of trail running too as we passed through the some-what-forest-like-trail of the island. 

This tells you how hard the race is...

Last stretch would be going back the great hill and I conceded at that point. I told myself that I’m not going to push anymore as I already feel sore… Oh, well, everyone is walking anyway. We had another taste of trail running going in the last 500m meters. It was like running from the top going down again until I reached the finish line.  I immediately looked at my watched and saw my time at 1:45-ish. I also verified it with the checker and agreed that it was 1:45.  I told myself that I could have done better (another sour-grapping) but then I realize that this is one heck of a race, so I let it go and will try another one soon! 

Doc Marv screaming...

Finally, together with the rest of friends we tried going back to the whole route so as to enjoy the scenery and have at least get a decent shots from all those landmarks we’ve passed through. 




Me on one of the cannons
The Ruins

The lighthouse

Vedi, Veni Vicci, I saw, I came, I conquered Corregidor!


Thanks to Ceaar Ryan Aquino for the action shots.

Bald Runner’s 1000-Km Club

Distance makes things more sweet…

The 1000-Km shirt awarded by he Baldrunner himself
The 1000-Km shirt awarded by he Baldrunner himself

After 10 months of running and 8 months of logging my mileage, I’ve finally reached my 1000th Km last Philippine International Marathon and now I’m already a member of the 1000-Km Club.  This was awarded to me by Sir Baldrunner himself. 

I thank Baldrunner and for inspiring me to do it.  My Running Friends who helped me in doing this, my family, who are always there for me and Almighty God who always keep on giving me strength whenever I need it.

Next step would surely be a more exciting…  I just can’t wait!