Corregidor is to Check!

What goes up must come down… That’s the law of Physics

Conquered Corregidor!

I have no idea but this race without a doubt excites me right from the start.  I have been hearing rumors about the difficulty of the race itself but I seemed to ignore.  Aiming for a good number (my own definition) in the finish line is what I’m really after for on my first 10-mile race. 

Gathering in the mouth of Malinta Tunnel, I am amazed that the small group of runners looked as if to be a number.  Despite of the late start of the event, everyone was so eager and energized. There were a couple of chitchats from different corners, laughing, picture taking. Oh what an ideal race to start! 

The usual sound exploded and everyone mad dashed towards the other end of the passageway!  Oh boy it was crazy! The zephyr entertained us from the start where the chilly wind smacking right to your face and I am still that confident chap running more than my usual pace… but not after the first mile… 

The runners waiting for the gunshot

Freak! Heavens! That’s what I whispered after seeing the first great hill.  My jaw dropped after seeing a couple of runners that were ahead of me begun to walk. It was not a joke… I would assume it would be more than forty-five degrees…  I did my best.  Tried squatting and at the same time running.  I managed the first half of it but eventually gave up when I felt that fighting against gravity is unattainable for me at present.  My bow to myself not to walk at my first 5Km vanished.  

See how steep the slope is?

After the first hill would be another hill, yet afterwards, we met the 1st turn around point.  We would need to get back from that great hill meaning that it will be nothing but going downhill.  If going up was hard, going down was even harder because I was like driving without breaks. I feel hesitant at that speed at first for the fear that I might get injured, but I eventually managed.  

Long hill was that next and then of course the downhill that increased my momentum. The noteworthy landmarks of the island was seen; the ruins, the Battery Way, Battery Grubbs, The Pacific War Memorial and others.  We even had a taste of trail running too as we passed through the some-what-forest-like-trail of the island. 

This tells you how hard the race is...

Last stretch would be going back the great hill and I conceded at that point. I told myself that I’m not going to push anymore as I already feel sore… Oh, well, everyone is walking anyway. We had another taste of trail running going in the last 500m meters. It was like running from the top going down again until I reached the finish line.  I immediately looked at my watched and saw my time at 1:45-ish. I also verified it with the checker and agreed that it was 1:45.  I told myself that I could have done better (another sour-grapping) but then I realize that this is one heck of a race, so I let it go and will try another one soon! 

Doc Marv screaming...

Finally, together with the rest of friends we tried going back to the whole route so as to enjoy the scenery and have at least get a decent shots from all those landmarks we’ve passed through. 




Me on one of the cannons
The Ruins

The lighthouse

Vedi, Veni Vicci, I saw, I came, I conquered Corregidor!


Thanks to Ceaar Ryan Aquino for the action shots.


7 thoughts on “Corregidor is to Check!

  1. Yes you did indeed! Now I wish I stayed and toured with you guys. =(

    I feel you. I was a bit disappointing with myself (More on my blog). Not to worry Argo, we’ll do better next year. =)

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