Manila to Tagaytay by Foot… Again

Try and try until you succeed! 

With the Self Proclaimed Tagaytay Finisher Medal

A couple of weeks ago, set-up an LSD from Km0 to Tagaytay; I joined the group back then but only from Km 24 to Km 49 due to some personal reasons.

Last Sunday, they formed another group again and I was not able to come due to the Corregidor Race.

Monday… Ronald declared that he will be running from Km0 to Tagaytay as a form of his birthday celebration at a very wee hours of Thursday. I hesitated for a bit but decided to join them after realizing that the need for me to train is essential.

I was late so I just joined the group before 2AM in Coastal Mall. it was at Km 7.5 as stated by Ronald’s Garmin.We passed through Paranaque, then to Las Pinas until we arrived in Bacoor, Cavite and followed the whole Aguinaldo highway route.  It was not really conjusive at that time due to pollution (Anyway, I dont want to whine about it…)

7-11 Pitstop near SM Bacoor

Arrived in Dasmarinas at 5:30AM. It was at Km 31.  At that point I already feel sore.  I encountered chaffing in my legs and it was not really a good thing.  I put on more petroleum jelly but it seems that it was too late already.  Silly me for not wearing the proper gear because I am conscious on getting too much attention when we run.  I have learned my lesson that I should worry first on myself first than to anyone else so as not to get myself hurt. 

Km 50.  I got a little light-headed due to heat because it’s already passed 9Am.  I decided to walk more than to run so as not to strain myself. 

Group pic as we approach Tagaytay

Km 56.  That’s the terminal point.  It was really exhausting but fullfilling.  I am glad that I have joined the group for I have bonded with them and got to listen in their ultramarathon stories. 

Km7.5 – Km56. 48.5 Km. Buying drinks and food for the whole event could cause you around 300Php or more.  8 – 10 hours of non stop running and depriving yourself of sleep is crazy… but finishing the whole stretch is Priceless!


Ninoy Aquino Statue in Olivarez, Tagaytay


More of our adventures at Ronald’s Site


6 thoughts on “Manila to Tagaytay by Foot… Again

    1. Hey Marianne, Yep Manila-Tagaytay it is… We are preparing for the next big event kasi. We need to train ourselves even more and better! hehehe! The challenge is kaya pa dapat namin ulitin the same distance going back when we get there. lol!

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