Makiling the Enchanted

Legends could possibly true… or maybe not.

I daresay that going for a dayhike in this place is not a waste of time. Tall trees and diverse species of plants are what you can see. Along the road you could contemplate about everything. It was long but relaxing. Feels like you were walking in a place were autumn really exists.


Diversity of Life


me and the gabi plant at the back

My friends trying to go up

Reaching at the summit ma be really fulfulling.

And of course rewarding!

As what most hiker-mountaineer always remind us, we should always be careful when going in for a hike. The Makiling experience I had was the weirdest I guess due to my colleague experience where in she got lost and felt like she was in a Morbius Stip. Eventually she just came back to her senses when she called our name outloud. Hoah! I hope she’s not drugged… lol!

There has been legends about the mountain… that it was being guarded by a fairy named Maria Makiling. It could be true or could be not; whatever it is, what we could always do on our end is just to learn to appreciate it’s beauty and share it to people and at the same time protecting it so that the next generation could still have a look at this wonderful place.

more of makiling here


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