The Hills Were Alive at the Sound of Celebrity Run

New PR. Photo by Marvin Opulencia
New PR

I arrived at Bonifacio High at around 4Am thinking that the race would start at 5AM, paranoid of getting late for the 21Km Race. Surprisingly, upon seeing the almost barren appearance of it, I concluded that it won’t happen at my expected hour.  Come 5:30 but still the race hasn’t started though they were quick in setting it up and everything was ready. I’ve been with the rest of the group and discussing about our goal for that day. I said I’m just aiming for 2:10 but seriously, I aiming higher than that… Crazy but I’m now aiming for sub-2 due to my previous weight loss of 12 lbs which I think could help me in getting more speed.   

I was totally trained...

Five-Forty, and the race started.  My first three kilometers was a blast for I would think I am doing faster that 5min/km pace.  I’ve been with Luis, Pat, Sam at that point and can see fast runners like El Kyoshi and Tigerboy.   I decided to give up before reaching the fourth Km and decided to take it a bit slower. 

I would believe I reached the 10th Km mark at 53 min; yet, I think there’s already something going fishy at the markers.  I glanced at my watch as soon as I saw the much awaited marker and I was surprised to see that it’s already at 58 min! The markers have really gone mad!  Bryan has informed me that it was over by 500meters before he left.  

With Carlo, Bryan and Pat before the race
With Carlo, Bryan and Pat

I just ignored the whole thing thinking that it might be adjusted at the succeeding kilometers, but it didn’t happen. I am really trying to push my self thinking that I am already late from my real target. 

McKinley… That’s where my agony started.  I’ve got a chaffing arms already (I might have not applied enough petroleum jelly) but I still tried my best.  The hills of McKinley reminded me of Corregidor and told myself that this is not even half of it so I should endure.  Mark Hernandez was already behind me at this point and begun catching up with me.  I told myself that I should hang out with him else the desired PR would all be gone. 

Two Hours has just passed and we were still running, the route must have been really longer that expected.  After finishing the race at 2:10, I was immediately informed that the route was 1.2 Km over.  What??? That long? How could that be?  Oh well, enough of ranting, at least I have improved my PR by almost 9 min (Timex Net Time 2:18:52).

Exhaustion, that’s all I can feel at that time… I was so tired and I was still panting even after 20 minutes had passed.  It must have been really hard route after all!  Oh what a day!

I had a blast with these guys...

Thank you Marvin Opulencia for the pictures


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