The Girls of

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of; the hell with sugar and spice.
Bethany Hamilton

Watch out!  These girls are exceptional, Don’t you ever think their clumsy and all. Don’t even be deceived by their looks for they'll definitely kick your ass out!  One of them had done an Ultra, Two had done a full marathon and few of them ran a couple of half marathons! Some of them had already stepped in the podium for their exceptional speed in running. Some of them are just starting out but they are all dreaming of becoming a marathoner and even a tri-athlete someday.  A Teacher, an Editor, Dancer, Doctor, Model, Engineer, Manager, Accountant, Housewife are their proffesions, yet they were all united by a common passion for running… They are the Girls of!

PS, Thanks also to Brando and Carlo for grabbing some of your pictures!


35 thoughts on “The Girls of

  1. geleng mr. argow! beket weleng peng beys op tekbew dhat phee etch? 🙂 wahaha

    wala kang magawa sa bahay nyo noh? dapat gawan mo rin tayong da boyz! at dapat andun ang aking signature pose ah! 🙂 hahahaha 😉

    galing galing!

  2. Thank you thank you, girls! ehehehe!
    Gail,Oo na, wala akong magawa nung Christmas! ahehehe!
    Noelle di pa kasi kita nakuhanan ng profile pic… sayang… Julie, dancer na Model pa!
    Cess, my curfew ka! hahaha!
    Carins, at your service!
    Lorie, Yan, Rona, Thanks thanks!
    Timmy, Emil, hirap gawan ng boys, anong song? saka ang dami natin… baka maraming songs yung magawa bago matapos lahat! lol!

  3. its so sweeeettttt of you rodel to come up with something like this =D thank you…we love you na talaga..hahaha!..galing!..isang malupit ng group hug sayo!..wohoo!!! =D

  4. thanks for this rodel… although, yeah, may mga nakalimutan ka nga…=)..great job! Such an inspiration to have known the women and men of

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