The Wrath of Morpheus (Rizal Day Run)

Because, I challenged a god…

Upon learning that BaldRunner will organize a running event on Dec 30, without a second doubt, I signed up for the race.

My 2nd great bib: I don't look excited right?

I was busy fixing for my bread and butter the night before the race and rested for just a little over an hour. I know it will be hard for me, but because I am decided that I need this race, I challenge Morpheus the God of Slumber.  A number of argonauts has already forewarned me that what I’m going to do is risky and could have an ill effect on me… But I was as stubborn as hell!

Baldrunner himself as we are welcomed in the race. (photo by Brando Losaria)

Drowsy, I arrived at the site with Marvin’s chariot.  Clicked my 2nd great bib on and had a little ritual.  It’s good to see again my running friends who were all eager as well in this race as part of their training for the upcoming marathon.

At my 1st loop

Bang! The race had begun!  Selene was still around for a couple of minutes and so everything was dark.  I heard one of the Argonauts fell from his knees not realizing the path along his way.

I could say that I’m not really on my speed at the start.  I don’t want to push it much because I still have a long race to go. I bet that Hades the god of the underworld is just around and so with his minions that are looking for someone to prey.  4 loops and a quarter is what we would need to cover. 

First loop, I could still go on, though I am already feeling anxiety.  My eyes are heavy like it has weights on it.  On my second loop, I paced with Sean Williams my godfather in running.  I paced with him for a couple of kilometers.  Then, Rod joined us for a couple of minutes before I gave up with them. I can now really feel it.  I am getting sleepier and sleepier as I move and my legs are getting heavier. On my third loop, I was already with Gab who caught up with me.  We were discussing the Team BongZ were just behind us and we shouldn’t give up for they will definitely outrun us if we did. He was telling:



Gab: Nasa likod lang sila BongZ!

“Gusto ko na maglakad, pero ayoko, nasa likod lang sila… Lagot tayo r’on. (I want to walk, but I don’t want to, they’re just behind us)”.


Gab eventually left me at Kilometer 24; the point where I stopped to walk.  I guess that’s where I hit my wall.  I already felt nauseous seeming that the god of slumber’s venom is already tiring my whole body.   Last Km…  I was running with Mylene, an ultrarunner.  I don’t know what’s on my mind but I told her that I might not be able to finish the race.  I suddenly stopped and she immediately grabbed my hand and said:

“Wag kang bumaksak rito, hindi kita kaya, Ang laki mo eh! (Don’t give up here, you’re too big for me to carry).”



I could almost laugh after she said that.  I told her that I will still try to go on.  Before I reach the finish line, Ellen and team BongZ were already at my back.  Ellen was shouting at me not to stop and so I did. 

My Finisher Medal with the Baldie!

At the finish line, after grabbing a medal (I didn’t even know what BR told me, Oh, well, I think he’s congratulating me…) I immediately sat to rest.  Sam game me something to drink (but not the beer, lol) and someone handed me an ice cream.  I did not make it to the boodle fight though but it’s ok. It was still a great race.  Morpheus really scared me there but I was able to finish on time I planned at 3:14:57.

I swear, I don't want to stand after the race! lol!

Lesson learned was to sleep before a long race for the god of slumber wouldn’t have second thoughts of casting his venom on you.  He’s one hell of a dangerous deity.  Respect your path, respect your body…

Thank you to my inspirations in this race; Team BongZ and Team CB!

Race Results at BaldRunner’s Site

Don't be deceived by this team; The Team BZ

Thanks to Brando for the pictures:

His Set:

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

19 thoughts on “The Wrath of Morpheus (Rizal Day Run)

  1. congrats, dude. 🙂 preparation is key, so i’m sure you should’ve finished with a much better time if you had enough rest.

    ako nagbigay sa ‘yo ng ice cream! 😛 hehe

  2. argo, so, true pala talaga yung sinasabi ni Gab? grabe naman..parang nakakatakot naman kami eh hindi naman…hey, i’m glad we’re able to inspire you, really =)..ako, i’m equally inspired by you. your tenacity to overcome things is very much rare. It’s a gift you should be proud of. One more thing, repsect your gorgeous, sexy body..take good care of it. it needs rest, you know! =)

  3. argo, partida na yan, walang tulog, paano pa kaya kung may tulog? wahahahaha

    tandaan mo ung sinabi ko sayo dati sa PIM, ikaw ang benchmark ko 🙂 kaya wag mo mashadong pagkataasan ang hahabulin ko! nakaka 3 ka na atang full marys eh ako wala pa! 🙂 hahaha

    good job!

  4. Congratulations Argo! Mahirap yung ginawa mo. Naranasan ko na rin yan, pero naiwan na ako.. =) Ayoko na ulitin yung tumakbo ng kulang ng tulog.. he he…

    Again, it was a blessing that you finished the race – without a pit stop to the ER.. =)

    Partida pa talaga yan!

  5. I seriously salute bald runner for everything he has banked for! 🙂 wow he organized a run. congrats on the participation and finishing the route!! 😛

    one day, smeday, i wish to achieve the mileage you just got into.


  6. aha kami pala binabantayan nyo ni gab ha? Hmmm…
    You guys won this one but condura is the final battle hahaha
    Pero grabe ang laki na ng improvement niyo.

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