Only crazy people ran a marathon; that’s what I see when I still don’t understand. 

Oh my, it’s really funny how time flies, where I am right now and where I am before I started running.  

The first time I tried the sport.

Imagine how I first started, joining a race, I am wearing a cotton shirt, basketball shorts and a pair of cross training shoes. I swore I really enjoyed that day and texted all my friends I know that I joined a 5-Km-Marathon and finished it fast at 42 minutes! Lol!  

Picture taking during the race at Power Run

That’s the start of it.  I signed up for various races and joined the community.  I was indeed overwhelmed on all the stuff I’ve learned.   

Timed 1:17 at this 10K race
The first group pic I took with

March came and a 21Km race was launched by Condura.  Without hesitations, I ran the race and got shin splints afterwards.  The pain was there but I was definitely euphoric after finishing it.  I recovered eventually and I was never the same person again after for I stared to feel the blood of a conscious runner. I learned to wear short shorts and tights that I really never thought I can wear it in public.  Had my own hydration belt, and had gait analysis to get the right pair of shoes for me.  

I am injured... but I'll try to endure for the sake of this photo ops!

Then came different activities offered by community.  Trail Runs, LSDs, out of town races, outreach programs, I attended almost all of ‘em and had fun!  I even asked myself, “How come I’ve never learned this before?” 

First LSD in Montalban
On Our Trail Race

I always thought that running a full marathon is crazy and keep telling to my friends that only stupid people join a 42-Km race.  Eventually, I became one of them.  I became crazy and stupid in the eye of those who don’t understand the joy of running.  I was one of those who suffered in Subic International Marathon, yet I was also the one of those who didn’t give up and believed that I can.  

The joy in Subic is Unforgettable

Now, I am celebrating my 1st year in running, who would have thought that I will be doing another crazy thing.  Don’t ask me why but yes! I registered for Bataan Death March; a race that will test my mental and physical dexterity.  I am not certain what will happen to yet at that event but I am willful. Right! Bid me Good luck!  

Sykes Outdoor Group

I would like to acknowledge my Outdoor Group who introduce me to running, and to my friends who taught me stuff to become a better person.  The knowledge that I gained from them will surely be paid forward.


14 thoughts on “YEAR 1

  1. akalain mo yun naaccomplish mo sa loob ng isang taon ang mga sumusunod:

    maging mataba
    maging maitim
    maging artistahin
    maging mapayat
    maging mas maitim
    maging mas adik

    at higit sa lahat

    maging mas mahusay na tao (at talent ko) wahahahaha

    congrats argow!

    mantakin mo yun, nag nyort nyorts na, nag tights pa!

  2. happy running anniversary rodel !!! i believe your’re still in for more exciting running years … keep it up.. keep on running !!!!

    see you on bdm… well, i think condura muna 🙂


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